Bullying vs. Terrorism - are they the same thing?

Big headlines in this country today, and especially here in North Eastern Ohio, are about bullying.

Bullying is a big issue. One that's bigger than we could ever imagine. If a child or a person is slightly off kilter, we make fun of them. If they're a little chunky, we call them fatty or Big Red (as was my 'nickname' for the majority of middle school). It's a shame.

But the thing about it is, we wonder where we get it from and why it's such a problem with young kids -- the reason is because adults do it, too. Even the government does it. (Do we really have to get into the gory details of torture, coersion, and GITMO?)

This article is a great example of bullying gone awry and I'm ever so proud of the Judge for refusing to allow an evidentiary witness because his existence and location was obtained by coersion and torture. Good on you, Judge Kaplan.