Days 24-29

Day 24: Inside your bathroom cabinet. For the week I was in Mexico, this was my bathroom cabinet. :)

Day 25: green. The inside of my purse and my calendar are green.

Day 26: night. This is how we sleep, especially if I've been away for a while.

Day 27: something you ate. I suppose I drank this, but it was the best thing I could come up with. It was actually pretty good!

Day 28: money. My brother got this for me at the San Diego Zoo. My nephews have ones, too. I want to have my dad drill a hole in it and turn it into a pendant to keep forevers.

Day 29: something you're listening to. I LOVE this song. I can't get enough of it!


Building Day 5 and leaving Saturday

I know this is terribly late, so sorry. Friday was a crazy day for us and then Saturday we left early in the morning and I just didn't get time to post.

On Friday we went to our site and poured the concrete for the roof.

My boots got SUPER dirty, and so did my pants.

And then we went over to the other site to do some last minute work there and have our fiesta.

Fiesta food (carne asada, rice, fruit, pico de gallo, quesadilla, tortillas, beans (not pictured), and Tecate):

All in all, it was a wonderful day.
That night we stopped in at the taqueria one more time for dinner:

Bright and early Saturday morning we got in the 2 hour line to cross the border.


Days 17-23

Been a while since I posted for this project. So sorry! Here are the pictures for 17-23.

17: time
18: drink (wine from dinner)
19: something I hate to do (leave my pets)
20: handwriting (from my journal)
21: a favorite photo of you
22: where you work (for now, this is my worksite!)
23: shoes (yucky cemento boots!!)

Day 4 of building

Today we went to the other group's site to help them finish the foundation. We poured cemento in the foundation and then started on the rebar brackets. Tomorrow we will all go to our site and pour the roof for Rosa. We had burritos for lunch with arroz and jugo.
After work we came back and cleaned up quickly (Ariel had to help scrub the cemento off my back - true friends!) and went to have dinner with Christina, Juan, Laura, Melanie, y Angelica. We worked on their houses two different years and try to visit with them as much as we can. They're super sweet and wonderful!
After dinner we stopped at Waldo's. We always stop there for our souviners. We're now back at the posada and I'm going to read and get some sleep. My back is super sore from hauling cemento, but I'm so proud to say that only girls dipped and started the line. No boys dipped! We're awesome! Haha. (Dipping = pulling the cemento from the canoe [the container that holds it after it's dumped from the mixer] and pouring into the buckets for the line to start.)
Much love to you all. I'm having a great time here but am glad to be home soon. I miss you guys, but my pets most of all!



Day 3 of building

This morning we went to the other site to help them out a bit. They needed a few more people for their bucket line. We moved sand with them into the trench, then went back to our site and joined the 'older adults' (as they call us the 'younger adults') and finished putting up the framing and rebar for the  roof so it can be poured on Friday!

For lunch we had a really delicious chicken dish that had peppers, potatoes, and spices in it, frijoles, arroz, tortillas, y jugo. Everything was so great! Rosa is such a sweet lady. She's so kind and wonderful, I love that we get to work on her house.

Funny thing that happened today: we had to climb on the roof to work on the frame and Melissa is scared of heights so I was trying to tell Rigo that she was afraid and I knew I would say the wrong word so I said it slowly. I said 'ella tiene mierda' instead of 'ella tiene miedo' and he busted up laughing and Carol corrected me immediately. Oops! I said she's full of poop not fear! Haha. Oh well, at least I'm trying to use my Spanish, and not doing too badly at it either.

This morning we went to the Iglesia Catolico down the street for their Ash Wednesday service. It was so nice to be with them for their service. The school kids came in and joined in the fun, too. I'm so glad we're in such a warm and welcoming community.

Anyway, I've got to get to bed now. I'm really tired and trying to eradicate a migraine so as always, I hope you're all well and I send my love to you from here.


Day 2 of building

Today was a great day! We worked on the rebar frames for the roof and built up part of the wood frame to pour. We had taquitos, arroz, frijoles, y jugo for lunch. We got to eat our lunch with the people from another site - so nice! Right now I've gotta run though. It's our night to make dinner! Love to you all.
I'm posting a picture of the posada's courtyard. Soooo lovely!

Day 1 of building!

Today we finished walls and poured concrete! Yay cemento! I got my pants and boots all dirty already. 4 more days to go! The woman we built for today has 5 kids, is a single mom, and is so super sweet. She made us quesadillas, arroz, frijoles, cactus salad, and juice for lunch. Yum! We also got to visit some people we built for in previous years. It's so nice to see them! Hope you're all well. Miss you and love you.


Safe and Sound

I'm safe here in La Gloria at the posada. We went to the taqueria last night for dinner - yum!! Had a torta!! Yay! Today we went to La Bufadora to explore and shop. So fun! Still can't upload pics, but I will try to take a couple with my phone and add them to these posts. I hope this post finds you all safe and happy.
Tomorrow is build day one! Time to rest up!
Goodnight and love from Mexico!


On the way to La Bufadora

Pina colada in the sun.
La Bufadora
shopping in the buf
Lunch tradition


San Diego!

I've arrived in Sunny San Diego! Today we explored the city a bit, had a really nice dinner, and took lots of pictures. Unfortunately, my pictures won't transfer to my computer right now so I can't post any until I figure out how to do it without the cord that I left at home! I thought I'd be ok without it because I have a slot for my SD card in my laptop. Oh well...maybe I'll be able to get another one and show you some of the things we're checking out. Until then, I hope this finds you well and happy.

Oh, and happy birthday to me on East Coast time. :) I still have a couple hours to go for it to be valid here, though. ;)


Valentine's Schmalentine's.

Before I post pictures for the photo challenge, I just want to say:

And now onto days 12, 13, and 14.

Day 12. Inside your closet. It's a little messy...that shelf above is my favorite part.

Day 13. Blue. My blue coffee mug.
Day 14. Heart. Robots have hearts too.


Nine, Ten, Eleven...

Day 9. Front Door. This is what happens when I open the door, Raj surveys the neighborhood.
Day 10. Self portrait. This is one of my favorite pictures that I've taken. Yes, we lay in bed like that. Yes, he was sleeping. Yes, he's spoiled. No, I don't care.
Day 11. Makes you happy. Tea, reading, my favorite chair in my house, a crochet project (monkey hats for a family at church), and my tv shows. All these things make me happy.


10AM, Buttons, Dinner, Sun

Day 5. 10AM (actually taken on Day 6, but I was in Sunday School on Day 5 at 10am so that wasn't an option.)
Day 6. Dinner. I ate multi-grain cheereos for dinner because we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch and I was still full from that so I ate light for dinner.
Day 7. Buttons. This is a jar of buttons I inherited from my Grandma when I got her sewing machine and table. Pop (my grandfather) wrote this on top. He was a very organized man - had all his little nicknacks in Velveeta boxes that were labeled with the contents. Silly guy. I miss them.
Day 8. Sun. There's no sun today. It's cloudy, overcast, gray, and snowy outside. Perfect weather for me! I wish I was home snuggling, though! Anyway, this is a picture I took in PA of the sun and it's the only one I had on my phone so I'm using it. Unfortunately, I don't have anything at my desk that has a sun on it for an alternative picture so oldie, it is.


Words, Hands, Stranger.

Day 2. Words.
(Book is: The Chatham School Affair - pretty good read.)
Day 3. hands. Puppy hands.

Day 4. Stranger.
Day 5 is 10AM but at 10AM I was in Sunday School with the confirmands (I was the second adult for today) so I couldn't take a picture. I'll do 10PM instead. :)


The view from here...

I'm doing another month-long photo challenge. This time, however, I'm going to post them about once a week instead of every day. I'm doing the February Photo Challenge over at Fat Mum Slim. There are a bunch of people involved so it's going to be great fun to see all their photos!

Today's photo was 'your view today.' From my cube at work I can see out the attorney's office windows and look at part of the Civic Theater and a little bit of Lock 3. The picture I'm posting is a bit more than what I can see because I was in his office when I took the picture, but I didn't want to take the picture from my desk because you would miss all the beauty in the image. The florescent lights and the angle are just awkward enough for a photo, but what I get to see is perfect enough to keep me content all day long.

The Civic is one of my favorite places in the world. The ceiling has clouds, stars, and looks just like the sky. The giant red velvet curtain is something from a dream. The Wurlitzer organ is a classic and even rises up out of the orchestra pit and turns! So many good memories come from that place. My brother and sister received their high school diplomas there (it was being renovated when I graduated) and I've seen umpteen thousand dance recitals, concerts, plays, musicals, and other wonderful stage performances there.

I only wish I had been able to take this with my good camera (that I left at home, silly me!) so you could see the way the light glimmers off the brick and the perfect patina that is on the stairs.

Lock 3 is now the site of Akron's 4th of July fireworks show as well as the place where the Akron Symphony plays before, during, and after the fireworks show. It's also the home of the Akron Christmas Market that makes me miss Munich and its Christmas Markets oh, so very much.

I'm so happy to be back working downtown. Can you tell? :)

What's your view today?