Swimmy Cover-Up

I found this awesome idea on MADE to take a towel, shir the top and turn it into a cover-up! I didn't buy her pattern (yet), but I did steal get inspired by her idea and make it my own. I didn't sew the seam all the way down leaving the towel open so that it's still towel-like, and I didn't shir as many as she did. BUT I LOVE IT.

Check it:

This is perfect for when I am swimming with little people! Yay!

Happy crafting! :)


Yoga Mat Strap

I've always appreciated the art of Yoga and the lifestyle it encourages, but I've always been too high strung to accept it fully. Recently, I've gone back and tried again. I thoroughly enjoy it. I love the workout I get with some people and the meditation I get with others. It's a wonderful balance.

I have an amazing mat - it's just long enough for me (which is funny because I'm not that tall, but I had to get a long mat because all the other ones were too short!) and I love the color. It's just your basic foam mat, but it's been right there for me through a lot of thoughts, sighs, downward facing dogs, and child poses (oh, and the corpse pose - can't forget that one!!). I didn't get one of those fancy schmancy bags for it because I just didn't have the justification for the funding at the time, but I have never gotten around to solving its portability issue until now.

I've started doing pilates and yoga at the Nat during the week and my mat goes with me at least twice a week for those two classes. It's too bulky stuffed in my gym bag and I'm forever hitting things, people, doors, or other things in my way with it. I decided it was high time I solve that issue.

Check it:

I'm sure the fabric looks familiar to the avid reader (or my 6 year old niece!). I used what I had on hand, some elastic, made it ruffly, and VOILA! :) I think this might just be an addition to the soon-to-be-Etsy Store. Thoughts?

Happy crafting!



For those of you who know me in real life know that I have a serious issue with keeping things organized. My life is often crazy, hectic, and unorganized. My house isn't much better. I usually am pretty good about hiding the disaster when people come to visit, but sometimes it's just not happening.

A few weeks ago I picked up a couple super cute hooks at Pat Catan's for pretty cheap. I think it was about $3 for both of them. I needed one to hang my purse on so I don't have to do the hunt for it anymore, and another for keys because I have so many keys that I want them in one place. Today, my dad brought up some screws (because his supply is more flush than mine...) and put them in (using my drill motor, of course! :)).

Check it:

I'm so excited!! :) There are enough hooks that visitors can put their purses there, too. AND it's sturdy enough to hold my workout bag! YAY!!!

Now I'm off to make a 'summertime' bed for the pup and maybe a coverup for myself.

Happy crafting!!


Happy Father's Day!

I know it's a little late in the day, but I feel like since I devoted a whole post to moms, I need to devote one to dads, too.

I've had a lot of parental figures in my life, but the ones who are most important are my own (obviously!). I cannot tell you how much they mean to me and how glad I am that they're my best friends. My father has taught me many things including how to work on cars, music instruments, loving people for who they are, accepting diversity, cherishing my loved ones, and that sometimes it's ok to be emotional. My dad is one of the most incredible men I've ever known. Yes, he has his difficult times, and because I'm so much like him it can get a little sketchy sometimes. But I am so glad to have him as my dad. He helped me to learn to respect others and that my family is the most important thing in my life.

I've also got a brother and brother-in-law who are pretty awesome, too. My big brother protected me when I was little, and taught me as I grew that I needed to toughen up and not show people where my goat is tied (dad did that too, and mom, and sister, and pretty much everyone in my life...). He helped me out long-distance with my economics homework, and encouraged me to travel and experience every aspect of the world that I could. His love and support is unending and I'm so glad to have him around. Plus he's the reason I have some pretty awesome nephews in my life. Brother-in-law takes care of my sister and I'm so glad that he's helped bring three of the most beautiful children in the world to my world. I can never thank him enough for the gift of their lives.

I urge you all to take time to thank the fathers and/or father figures in your lives every day and not just today. But it's nice to give them a special day every once in a while...or once a year. ;)

Happy Father's Day. I love you.

Reversible Skirt Fit for a Princess

My niece has requested more handmade skirts/dresses from Auntie and because I love my babies more than anything in the world, I oblige. (Plus, I fully expect sister to keep these things for L when she gets older, and  if I ever have kids for them to have them too...maybe JJ, too.) E has requested more sparkles and ruffles. I have plans for the ruffle request, but I wanted to give her sparkles and the option for a reversible skirt.

I created this out of my own brain. I didn't use a tutorial or a pattern, just the knowledge I've learned thus far from making a couple other skirts and trial and error. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I did it. The waistband closure is not exactly how I wanted it to be, but I will work that out for the next one. I'm super excited for her to get this tomorrow!!! :)

Check it:

Happy crafting!!


DUDE! Cubbies pants!!

As many of you know, I love sports. Especially the ones where the boys wear tight pants. Baseball is one of these sports. I'm a diehard Cleveland, Ohio sports fan, but I am also a fan of Chicago and it's bear teams. I *love* the Cubs and the Bears. It's a disease; I take medicine daily.

Anywho, my Brandi and I decided we were going to go thrifting to get some tshirts to make THESE PANTS. I found the *best* tshirt ever. I should have taken before pics, but I was too excited. Sorry, kids. Nevertheless, this shirt says "CHICAGO home of the world's greatest baseball fans" on the front and has a giant Cubs logo on the back. It was also a 2xl which means they're gonna be a bit big on me and juuuuuust the way I like 'em. :)

So, here's the best pants ever created:

And bonus picture of the haircut. The layers lay so nicely and take the giant poofball away! WHEEE!!!

Happy crafting! :)


Just a Strawberry Jelly Family

Whew, what a week it's been around here. Insanity! One of the best friends EVER was here visiting last weekend, then it was hotter than you know what and I was cranky from lack of sleep, then it got nice, but I felt all sappy because I missed people, and today was my Great Aunt Ruth's memorial service. It's like a whirlwind around here.

Nevertheless, in the midst of my week, I decided that I needed to make strawberry jelly. Strawberrys were on sale SUPER cheap at the local farmers market store (LOVE LOVE LOVE Kriegers!) so I picked up a few packages, broke out my grandma's recipe, and got to making. I'm going to make another batch on Monday with my BFF Brandi so she can be a part of the tradition, too. :)

Here are some pictures from the strawberry jelly-a-thon:

First you gotta mash 'em:
Then cook 'em (in Grandma's pot, preferably...):
Then you jar it all up and yummmmmmmmmmmyyyyy!!

Today we celebrated the life of Aunt Ruth. She was an AMAZING woman. She was one of the most grace-filled, kind hearted, blessed to be around, wonderful, and incredible people you'll ever meet. My Aunt Penny was one of those, too.

Aunt Ruth had a way of making you feel like you were the only person in her world when you knew everyone else felt the same way. She loved everyone no matter their troubles or opinions. She was the epitome of classy lady. She was always asking me what I was into, what I was learning in school, where I wanted to go, and then she would tell anyone we were with about my trips and education. She never failed to tell me how proud she was of everything I did, even if it was walking across the backyard with a cup and not spilling anything (I'm pretty much the clumsiest person in my family...).

She lived 93 wonderful years. She had 4 great children and loved and nurtured the rest of her family as though we were her children too. I know she's at peace and I'm ever so grateful that I had the opportunity to have her in my life.

I wish you all love and kindness. I hope you all have a soul in your life like my Aunt Ruth and my Aunt Penny. Everyone should be so blessed as I am to have such great people to look up to. I've got a family full of wonderful people. :)


Pet Beds

As some of you know, when Raj came into my life last year he had a tough time sleeping on his own. He would sleep in my bed or Melissa's (my housemate at the time). When she moved out it was every night in my bed and I just couldn't take it. There was barely any room for me and I wasn't sleeping well. So I decided he needed his own bed. He didn't really agree with me at first:

Finally, he saw things my way and slept on his bed every pretty much every night. Even though he's 75lbs of love, he curls up in a tiny ball (see above), but I decided that his bed just wasn't the right size, or color. We found a blanket for $5 at the local Big Lots and I sewed it together on three sides (folded the other side...) and stuffed it with two $2.50 pillows from Target. Voila, $10 dog bed. Little did I know, he would *love* this darned bed and now he lays on it even when it's not sleepy time. Any time I go upstairs for anything he just lays down on it and hangs out until I am ready for downstairs again. Silly pup.

Now he won't sleep on the other one. He's such a turd. *sigh* Now for my master plan of Cleveland Browns-ing it up a bit more. Got the brown base, I just need to figure out what orange will decorate it. Maybe an orange border...or a bone...or...hmmm. Dunno. That's for another day. For today, he loves his bed. :) (Although last night when it was a stifling 8million 90 degrees in my house, he slept next to it on the hardwood floor. Thinking he might need a more summery bed for now...I will keep you updated!)

Nevertheless, I decided that it's time for Maxi to have a bed of her own and stop using random couch pillows for beds. She *loves* the fleece blankets and Joann's had this super cute cat print fleece on its remnants table which so happened to be 50% off. I scored it for about $1.50. With some creative sewing I made her a nice pillow-bed and shoved some yummy catnip in there to entice her to love it as much as Raj loves his bed. :)

Happy crafting!!