Ohio Star Quilt

Slowly but surely I will eventually get all these updates in. Here's one of my finishes from early in the year. This is the biggest quilt I've ever made. I loved every minute of it! I was asked to make a quilt for a good friend for his wife (also a good friend) for Christmas. A lot of things happened (including my sewing machine breaking and getting into a pretty bad car accident) so it was a bit late, but it was well received so I'm glad I was able to take the time to get it done how I wanted it to be instead of rushing to finish.

I was asked to do a quilt with burgundy, hunter green, and cream (those are their bedroom colors) and they wanted queen size to fit the bed. Woo! Shoving a queen sized quilt through my little domestic machine to quilt was a real treat!! I was sent a picture of what he liked for style and it happened to be the Ohio Star block. One of my favorites! I got working on math and figured it out and this is the result:

Close-up of the blocks.

This is on my full sized bed for scale.

The Ohio Star block is one of my absolute favorites!!

Neo posing with the center of the quilt top. This is why my tags say "Meig made, Neo approved," he lays next to me or under the table while I work so he really is just as much a part of the creative process as I am! Best coworker ever!

I used thick borders to make the quilt large enough without making the blocks too big. I really love the way these different sized borders pull the whole thing together. 

I used hunter green broadcloth for the backing - it was so nice to be able to piece the back so quickly with the 108" broadcloth. I will definitely be going for that for future quilts!