On the seventh day of Christmas...

On the seventh day of Christmas, aka New Year's Eve, I'm going to share 7 things I want to do in 2012:

1. Do more yoga. I realized now that I haven't been doing it as much (since working - really cramped my workout style!) that I'm a lot more tense and scatterbrained. I need to get back in the practice.

2. Continue to try new things.

3. Significantly pay off my non-student loan debt so I can focus on getting that mortgage payment sized student loan debt under control.

4. Continue to pursue my creative endeavors. Brandi and I have met nothing but positives and help on this journey of ours. I'm hoping much more inspiration comes our way and maybe someday we can take this brick & mortar. With cupcakes. And coffee. And a computer repair place. And a music studio. And a yoga studio. ;)

5. Take Raj for more long walks. Sometimes I get lazy and just take him on short walks. I'm going to try and take at least one long walk (a couple miles) a week and lengthen the short walks by at least two city blocks.

6. Keep practicing 'no.' I'm working on it, but it's still difficult to say no to people.

7. Grow. Learn. Love. Laugh. Enjoy. Smile. Care.

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope your 2011 was good to you and that the best of 2011 is the worst of 2012. Be safe. Hug your loved ones. Take care of you.

All my love,


On the sixth day of Christmas...

On this sixth day of Christmas, I'm going to share 6 memories from this past year.

First, there was this one time that I was in Target with JJ and Brandi and something got me excited (it doesn't usually take much - shopping with me can either be super annoying or super entertaining, my ADHD kicks in and I'm all over the place...literally) so I was doing my 'happy dance' and some kid in my vicinity says in a worried tone 'mommy? Why is that lady doing that?' The mother's response, I do not recall. Funny stuff.

Second, I won a contest for World's Best Cat Litter with the. cutest. picture. ever.

Third, I made our Halloween costumes and had so much fun creating them.

Fourth, I successfully cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family. AND it was delicious! :)
Apron from See Kate Sew
Fifth, Brandi, JJ, a friend from church and her 2 daughters, and I went up to Cleveland to do a photo shoot to benefit Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation. So much fun!

Sixth, I got to spend so much quality time with great friends and family this year. I wouldn't trade that for the world.

My dear friend Diana came to visit me all the way from NorCal. :)


On the fifth day of Christmas...

5 of my favorite handmade Christmas cards (click on the picture to be taken to the listing for the card):


On the fourth day of Christmas...

On this, the fourth day of Christmas, I come to you with a more serious post. 

Cancer sucks.

This topic has been weighing heavy on my heart lately. I have been trying desperately to be upbeat and happy, but right now I don't feel that. I'm not one to do these 'open heart' posts (which is funny because I'm super sentimental and sappy), but I feel like this is important. I've put a lot of thought and prayer into it, so here goes.

When I was a senior in high school the world was a crazy place. My grandfather had just died, the World Trade Centers came crashing down, I was preparing to move away to go to college, my mom was almost done with seminary, and my aunt was diagnosed with Stage 3C cervical cancer (here is some information on staging of cancer).

Within a few months of discovery, it was apparent that the cancer had spread through her body and was taking over. She came to live with us in the Cleveland area so she could get treatment at MetroHealth (one of the top medical facilities in the area) and be loved and cared for. She also spent some time at my Aunt's house. Her home in Wisconsin was abandoned and she lived the rest of her life in Ohio, surrounded by her family and friends. Once it metastasized to her brain, we knew she wasn't going to be around much longer. Just a few months later, my beloved Aunt Penny died in the hospital in Cleveland. I rushed up there from school to see her and the memory of that night still stays within my mind. I don't think I'll ever get that memory out of my mind and frankly, I don't want to. I want to remember that moment because she was at peace and I learned a valuable lesson: don't ever not see the doctor.

Penny was the most beautiful person in the world. She was the person who could make a room light up just by walking into it. She had the most giving and kind soul. She never married and had kids, but she had 6 nieces and nephews and we were her children. She loved us all so much and never failed to show it or tell us. Because I'm one of the younger ones, I didn't get to spend as much time with her when I was older, but every moment with her was amazing.

She had a glass jar of Runts on her coffee table at all times. 
She had the sweetest black dog in the world named Pepper.
(Sometimes my dog reminds me of Pepper and it makes me smile.)
Once, when we went to visit her in Kenosha, her toilet seat was broken. So we went out and bought her a new one. Just because. 
She collected everything. Plates, figurines, everything. Her collectibles were lovingly displayed all over her house. I wish I had the Star Trek plates. 

Taking care of Penny taught me a lot about love, grace, and pain. She had a seriously high tolerance for pain and hated to show that she was in pain. But through it all, she kept moving. She kept going. She kept loving. No matter how bad a day she had, she was excited to see whoever it was that was home. She made friends with the women at my mom's church. She found joy in each day.

My mom, two aunts, uncle, brother, sister, and I all went to the same high school pictured above (I know, crazy, huh?). Through the years, we have developed bonds with other families who have the same history of longevity in the neighborhood and school. My siblings went to school with Angelo Merendino and only recently did I learn of his wife, Jen, and her struggle with cancer. (Please take the time to read their story here. I cannot do it justice because they are not my words or stories to tell. Also, watch this video.)

Jennifer and Angelo
Jennifer died on December 22, 2011, after living a (not-quite-long-enough) life full of love, joy, happiness, pain, difficulty, fear, and a beautiful strength that only she could have (obituary and article - please read). Tonight are the calling hours and I plan on stopping by to say my goodbyes to a woman I never got the opportunity to meet, but who inspired so many on this earth with her courage, strength, and love. Angelo will be swarmed by people, I'm sure. But that's the way it should be. Jennifer's legacy is one of incredible grace and I am so glad that I got to hear their story.

My dear people, please. PLEASE go see a doctor. Women, go get your lady doctor appointments taken care of. Every. Year. Don't go without. If you can't afford it, go to Planned Parenthood. If you think it's silly, see above about two wonderful people who died of cancers YOU can prevent. Take care of you. Eliminate the crap that doesn't make sense. Make your own laundry detergent so you're cutting out the chemicals. Quit using deodorant with aluminum in it (yeah, you might have to reapply a few extra times but at least you won't end up sick). Find ways to keep yourself healthy and TAKE. CARE. OF. YOU.

I created a hat pattern as a request from my cousin for Christmas. I loved the hat so much I made another one for my childhood best friend. Then I realized that I need to give more. Inspired by Jen's love, grace, and strength, I have decided that this hat will be sold in our shop and $15 from the sale of each hat will be donated to the Jennifer Merendino Cancer Foundation at First Merit Bank to help cancer patients. As soon as I get home from calling hours and yoga tonight I plan on preparing the listing and getting it going because I don't want to wait another minute.

This is what the hat looks like. 
So please, please learn from these women. Get yourself checked. Get a mammogram. Get a yearly physical including a pap smear. Start exercising and eating better. Don't wait. 

With all my love,


The third day of Christmas...

Today is the third day of Christmas. It's finally snowing! We've had some flurries but this time it's stuck and it's fluffy snow! I want it to keep snowing!! I can't wait for the one day each winter when the city shuts down from all the snow and we're snowed in. It's my most favorite day of the year.

Three is a number that appears quite often in my life. I'm the third child. I have three pets. I have three kinds of dictionary. I have 3 million favorite songs. ;) Of all those three, my favorite are my siblings. I have two older siblings, one of each. My brother is the middle and my sister is the oldest. They both have kids (bro has 4 boys and sis has 2 girls and a boy) and are married. They're also both big parts of my life.

My brother and sister are 9 and 10 years older than me, respectively, so when I was little, they were old enough to take me places and do things with me that most siblings who are born close together can't do. My sister often took me to soccer practice. My brother practiced his soccer moves on me. My sister taught me how to peg my jeans (although she'll probably deny it now) and my brother taught me to love 80s music. My sister gave me courage and my brother protected me. My sister and brother were a team. Yeah, they fought with each other. Yeah, I fought with them. But never once did I ever doubt how much they loved me. When I had a nightmare as a child, I climbed in bed with one of them and went right back to sleep knowing I was safe. When I talked in my sleep my sister told me to shut up and go back to sleep. When I needed someone to be there for me, I knew they were there.

Since we're so much apart in age, there came a time in my life when they moved on. They went off to college and working life and I stayed behind with mom and dad. But never once did I think they forgot me. I still have some of the notes my sister sent me when she was in college. Let me tell you, when I was in college, writing my little sister would be the least thing on my mind so that tells you how important I was to her. She drew pictures and wrote notes and I cherished every one. I got to visit her when she was in school sometimes and never once did I feel like I was a burden - she was always excited to see me and spend time with me. Now, she's the most amazing mom in the world. My nieces and nephew are so. stinking. lucky. She's a 3rd grade teacher and those kids are super lucky too. My sister has the creative mind of a genius. She has ways of teaching kids things that are fun and get the point across. This year I went and helped her out with pumpkin math and science day. Most fun day of my year! But most of all, I'm lucky that I have a sister, friend, confidant, and wonderful woman in my life.

My brother went off and toured the world for a while. He lived in the UK for a bit, NYC, California, and goodness knows where else ;). But he always came home to visit and brought me a t-shirt (I actually have a World Trade Center t-shirt that has the twin towers on it - crazy, huh?) or other trinket representing his recent travels. He never forgot his baby sister. He called to check on me. He asked how I was doing. He helped me with my economics when I was in high school and college and got befuddled. My brother was my hero as a kid and he still is today. He now lives on the other side of the country with his wife and their 4 boys and I miss him so very much, but I know that he's there and just a phone call away. Those boys are so lucky to have him for a dad because he is so smart, funny, creative, and caring. But best of all, this year (2012) I get the best birthday present ever: I get to see him on my birthday because I'll be in Cali and he's driving down to see me before I go build houses in Mexico again. I'm so lucky that I have a wonderful brother to look up to, be protected by, and have as a friend.

So, on this third day of Christmas, I'm thankful for being the third child. I'm thankful for being the little sister of these two wonderful people. I'm so thankful that I have such love in my life.


On the Second Day of Christmas...

Today is the second day of Christmas. Today I spent the day with two of my favorite people in the world: my parents. It's amazing to me how there is one point in your life when they switch from being parents to being friends. I will always look up to them, but I really enjoy the friendship that we have.

My mom's parents.
Christmas at my grandparents' houses was fun when I was a kid. In the morning, we had just a few minutes to open our presents at home before my uncle was calling to see where we were. We'd get dressed and enter the mayhem that was my mom's parents' house. Their house was always noisy. There were always kids running around. There was always a sport on TV and Grandpa was always yelling at whoever was playing said sport. That house was busy. Christmas morning was no exception. Grandma made brunch and we opened presents, played with our cousins, enjoyed time together, and then went our separate ways. For us in the Heyburn household, that meant we went to my Dad's parents' house (or whoever happened to be hosting that year - it tends to migrate from year to year whose house we go to).

My dad's family - Uncle John, Aunt Jane, Dad, Grandma and Pop
My dad's family is a bit more subdued than my mom's family is. They're more punny; more deliberate. There weren't many running and screeching children (come to think of it, I think I was the only one!), and there wasn't mayhem and present throwing (my uncle liked to play 'santa' and would throw presents at us yelling 'heads up!' as it was almost to our face). But it was thoroughly enjoyable. We had dinner, family time, one-on-one time with grandparents, fun with whatever cousins were around, and I'm sure that's the one night of the year that my mom didn't have to fight me to get to sleep after we got home. ;)

My brother, me, and my sister a couple years ago.
I absolutely love my family and am so happy that I have such wonderful people around me. I've got two great siblings and their multitude of offspring (7 kids between them - see why I am sticking with furry kids for now?). I have loads of cousins and cousins-once-removed and aunts and uncles that are so wonderful to be around. My favorite thing about November - February is the many opportunities that I get to spend time with my families. I'm truly blessed and when I start to get down and out, I remember that because not everyone is as lucky a ducky as me. :)


On the first day of Christmas...

Today is the first day of Christmas. Today we celebrate God's gift to us: the baby Jesus who grew up and taught us how to love one another and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Today we celebrate as a family with our loved ones (both human and furry!). Today is Christmas Day. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope it's filled with love, joy, laughter, and delight. Before I head off to my cousins' for dinner with my own family, I want to start of my 12 Days of Christmas Blogging with one of my favorite gifts this year.

Two years ago I asked for a special gift for Christmas and my 25th birthday. I asked for donations to fund a well through charity: water. (See posts here and here.) The money raised was not near as much as I hoped, but it was an incredible amount nonetheless. Later in the year my dad, a few musician friends, and I put on a concert to raise more monies and we donated $700 from that concert alone. Together, these two fundraising projects raised almost $1200 for charity: water.

For Christmas this year, I received in the mail a handwritten thank you note from charity: water.

I cannot begin to tell you how much this note meant to me. It told me that the monies donated are being sent to Ethiopia and very soon I will know the GPS coordinates and have pictures to share with my friends who donated. There's something to be said for handwritten notes, still.

Along with my note I got a wristband (which I'm proudly wearing now), a pamphlet explaining about their work, and a bookmark that has some information on it as well.

I am forever thankful for the work that charity: water does in the world and I am so grateful that I am able to be a part of this organization. I am eve more grateful for my friends and family who donated to both fundraisers in their time, money, and love. Thank you for caring. Thank you for finding importance in my hopes and dreams.

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you all find things to be grateful for this season and remember that the ability to give is the greatest gift you can ever receive.


Christmasy Questions

I found this on another blog I love so I thought I'd share my answers. :)

1. Egg nog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate. With peppermint. And sometimes, loads of espresso in there too. J

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Santa wraps presents. He always did and still does, although the only presents from Santa in my house are for the pets and they don’t know the difference so I guess it’s sort of moot now.

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? White lights with white wire. My tree is green, but my ornaments are pink and silver so the white/white went best with that scheme.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? Nope.

5. When do you put your decorations up? Sometime after Thanksgiving. Sometimes it’s the day after, sometimes it’s after that. It all depends on when I feel Christmasy.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? TURKEY. And cookies. But I really love the egg casserole my Grandma Stevic used to make. I wish I knew what all was in it. We also do cinnamon rolls sometimes when we’re all together, but since that rarely happens anymore (I have my own church now so I don’t get home from Christmas Eve service until after midnight, and then the time to pack myself and the dog in the car to drive to my parents’ house would put me there around 3am!), I usually eat a poptart or something on Christmas Morning.

7. Favorite holiday memory as a child? Waiting on the stairs with my brother and sister while we waited for mom and dad to be sure Santa wrapped all the presents and got out of the house in time. My brother would play push my sister and me to try and get our heads past the wall so we’d get in trouble for peeking and my sister and I would try to get him back.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I believe it was at my Aunt’s house, although I’m not really sure when or if this is a dream or real memory. Someone (probably one of my cousins) said Santa isn’t real and the rest of the family tried to fix it, but the magic was gone. HOWEVER, I know St. Nicholas was real and was a wonderful man so I remember him on Christmas and the great things he did for the world.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?  We used to open a present or two on Christmas Eve because after we got back from church, it was ‘technically Christmas Morning’ and in the morning we had to go to everyone’s houses for celebrating. But now, no. I wait until I’m with my family to open mine from them. But this year I will be opening presents on Christmas Eve because that’s the day that Brandi, Tony, JJ, and I are having our ‘family Christmas’ together. J

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? The color scheme, as I already said, is pink and silver. I use new ornaments and childhood ones. My tree isn’t big enough for all the ornaments I have, so I just pick and choose. Some get on there every year (like the cow ones and my ‘Grandchild’s First Christmas’ one, but for the most part, it’s just whatever I feel like putting on there goes.

11. Snow! Love it or dread it? I love snow! I can’t imagine Christmas without it! 

12. Can you ice skate? Yes! I’m not very good at it, but yes I can!

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? One year I got a stuffed dog for Christmas and the next year I got the matching cat. I can’t remember what they were, but I loved those things. I think I still have them somewhere. Oh, and the pink Barbie limo. I LOVED that thing. It was a present that ‘Santa forgot to put under the tree.’

14. What’s the most important thing about the holidays for you? My family. Whether it’s my blood relations or the family I created with friends. My family is always first and I love spending time with them on Christmas. I also really enjoy finding gifts that are perfect for them.

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert? My grandmother used to make an apple pie for me because I hated pumpkin pie. That is my favorite Christmas dessert. It was dutch apple, too. With the crumblies!!

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? The candlelight service. It’s my favorite part of Christmas. We sing silent night by candlelight and celebrate the birth of Jesus as a church family.

17. What tops your tree? I have two toppers. One is a silver, glittery angel who plays a trumpet. I can’t find her this year so I got a cheap-o pink, glittery star to put up there instead.

18. Which do you prefer: giving or receiving? Giving. I love to give my time, love, and friendship as well as gifts that warm the heart.

19. Candy canes: yuck or yummy? YUMMMMMMYYYY!

20. Favorite Christmas show? Muppet Christmas Carol.

21. Saddest Christmas song? Hmmm. I don’t know.

22. What is your favorite Christmas song? It’s actually a hymn: ‘Twas In the Moon of Wintertime; such a beautiful piece. It’s the story of the birth of Christ in the native Canadian Huron language. The English version that we now sing is a translation of that but describes the birth of Christ in images they would understand like ‘a lodge of broken bark’ instead of a stable and the baby is wrapped in a ‘robe of rabbit skin’ instead of swaddling clothes. It brings the story to them in images they understand within their culture.

We wish you all a very VERY Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and best wishes for the upcoming new year. May you have joys and happiness with your families and loved ones.


What is Saxophone Christmas?!?!

This past weekend was insanely busy! Saturday was the annual Saxophone Christmas (a Heyburn family tradition that we just keep going - besides, can't let the tubas have all the fun!), and then Raj and I went to my friend Suzy's for our Christmas card photo session.

We counted around 65 saxophones this year. That's a few more than last year! Every year we get a couple more. :) My grandfather would be so happy we've continued this tradition and his hard work. I played the sleigh bells for Jingle Bells, as always, and sang How Can I Keep From Singing with the ensemble and my dad (on Alto). I love that part of the Christmas season and always look forward to it. It's so fun to spend time cherishing the memories and spending time as a family to celebrate the tradition my grandfather started.

Raj LOVED Suzy. Granted, he loves almost all humans, but he had so much fun playing with her and giving kisses. He even knocked off some ornaments from her tree. lol He got to meet his almost-twin dog and run across the street to talk to the neighbor's dog. We got some really cute pictures and I can't wait to see them!! Christmas cards will be a little late this year and not handmade, but still created with love. I'll be using an Etsy designer, so in a way they are handmade as someone took the time and love to design them and someone else took the time and love to photograph. :)

On Sunday, after church, Raj and I went up to PetsMart for photos with Santa. It was pretty fun! He didn't really want to sit down until I sat down so the picture has us both in it. He was so excited to see all the people and dog friends there. I'm excited to get our Christmas cards done so we can go take one up to his groomer. :) She's such a sweetie. I swear she does extra stuff for him because she says he's her favorite. She uses the apple and oatmeal shampoo on him so it soothes his itchy skin and then she lets him hug her while she clips his nails. So sweet!!

After that, I took Raj home, hung out for a little bit, then went over to Brandi and Tony's to say hi. It seems like I never see them anymore! :( But that's ok. We still talk every day. :) Julie and I are going on a date on Saturday to paint ornaments at All Fired Up. I've invited Brandi to come too, since she's off work, so we'll see who all goes with me. We also started the planning (on paper) for JJ's 2nd birthday party. I can't believe that baby is going to be 2!! Wow.

Here are a few photos from my phone from this last week/weekend. :)
1. Snuggly pets on a Sunday Morning; 2. Snow dog; 3. Creepy journal at BAM; 4. Sad little worm at BAM.

1. Brandi's new wreath; 2. On the way to see Santa; 3. Naan pizza (recipe on Friday at CG2!!); 4. My new wreath.
Well, that's about all my weekend. I had a blast. I hope you had a good weekend too!!



It's Almost Christmas?!?!

I'm working on having a handmade Christmas this year. So far, I'm doing pretty great! I have a number of presents under the tree already and some in progress. If I didn't make it with my own two hands, I bought it from someone who did. :)

Anyway, a week or so ago I went to my sister's school (she's the BEST elementary school teacher in Ohio) and helped with their Christmas party and took pictures of the kids with Santa. Of COURSE I had to get in on the action.

Here's me and baby L with Santa. :)

Copyright 2011, Meig Heyburn
I'm going to do a 12 days of Christmas thing on here, but not until those days are actually here (starting on December 25 and going until Epiphany). Each day I'll focus on something about the Christmas season and how it affects my life or the world. I'm also going to share some fun Epiphany facts at the end!

I wish you all a happy and bright holiday season. Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas.



Awkward & Awesome

I'm going to do something a little new today, I'm going to join in the Awkward/Awesome Thursday trend and share some things with you. My life is both highly awkward and awesome so hey, why not?


Last night at yoga class (yays!) I chose my spot next to my new friend Jeannie (who complimented me on my lovely crocheted cowl (you can get one here) and said she knits!) and just so happened to be right behind the spot where YogaMan chose to place his mat. Now, I admire YogaMan. He's flexible, zen, nice, and lives the life. He also smelled like he poured an entire bottle of sandalwood and pine all over his body before he came in. His first move was to get into a lotus position and then face-plant onto his mat and do some weird cobra pose (see Stela? I'm learning, I really am!). I'm sure this is a really great stretch, but for the observer: it's frightening. I was afraid for his facial regions. Nevertheless, he survived his stretchty-stretchy, and we moved onto class. Not 10 minutes later, he farted the most smelliest SBDs that ever existed. Don't get me wrong, everyone farts in pilates and yoga class, but not everyone smells like the sewage treatment plant when they do so. It was continuous. I'm so glad he has a good digestive system and apparently a very active colon. I, however, was unable to properly breathe at times because it was so overwhelming. I hope that maybe next time he lays off the broccoli a little bit. Just for the sake of whoever is behind him in yoga class.

Also, I think I fell asleep during Savasana in class last night. I really have no idea what was going on until she said 'turn on your sides when you're ready' and I barely heard her say that.

Going to pick up the kid I 'babysit' on Mondays at rehearsal with dog in tow and having the dog leap out of the car while the kid tries to get in the car, block traffic in/out of the parking lot while trying to corral my brood, all while wearing wide-leg yoga pants (nope, different day from the yoga day - judge away) tucked into my pink plaid wellies, and a high school sweatshirt (my 10 year reunion is next year [EEEP!] - yep, I still wear them).

This attempt at photographing myself wearing the scarf that I worked so hard to make and the picture coming out looking like I want to murder something.
And we wonder why I'm not married yet?
Watching a man tuck 2 SoCo bottles into his pants in an attempt to disguise the fact that he had 2 SoCo bottles in his possession while his elderly father loaded his arms with 4+ 24oz bottles of boozey, malty deliciousness. We were not fooled SoCo Man, not fooled at all. If only he had been handing out invites to the party. Although, I'm not sure anyone would have wanted to go. Unless they were playing dominoes. That's always a draw.

Sending a message to the person I bought my Christmas card stamp from inquiring as to where it is and then realizing it came from Canada and the customs agents are probably using it to stamp passports now. *sigh* Canadians.

My boss singing 'Movin' On Up' as she goes up the stairwell to the second floor of our office. I don't think she knows I could hear her.


Seeing a conversion van on 22s. Yep, I really saw that. Yes, it was in the town where I live.

Making gingerbread houses and putting up my tree.

My best friend since I was like 5 wrote a novel. Yep, a whole novel. Well, it's not done yet but it's almost there. She asked me to help her edit it. *squee*

I paid off a bill last month and got an updated account statement and it said:
Total Minimum Payment Due: $0.00
Payment Due Date: 12/23/11
YEOW!! I feel good *dunnaanananananana* I knew that I would now *dunnaanananananana*...

The fact that I can go to yoga class because my muscles had almost forgotten how much they love yoga. Now they remember and are a little sore, but are happy I went back. My mind is also happy because I slept like a baby for the first time in Lord knows how long. Note to self: never stop going to yoga class. Also, start going to step class. Kate and Chris might hunt me down if I don't go soon.

So, there you go. Awesome and Awkward. Awkward and Awesome. I'm saving some of these tidbits for my memoir that will someday be written by myself and my aforementioned friend who wrote the novel. We have a working title: Note to Self: It all started when someone sh!t outside my office door.

That story is saved for another day.

Until then...

Much love and awkwardness.