Cookies for the Mailman

Since I've been laid off (ending Monday!! YAY!), Raj has been able to greet the mailman every day. The mailman even started bringing Raj treats every day too (just one - for Raj - none of the other dogs on the route got one). They've become pretty good friends and I wanted to thank him for being so nice, so Raj and I baked him some cookies. :)

These heart ones are for me, but I thought they were pretty so I wanted to post a picture. :)

More of the mailman's cookies:

Raj being super helpful in the kitchen:

The only containers I had were christmas ones, so I fixed that with some Tacky Glue and fabric. YAY!

Finished container. Cute!!

Cookies. :)

Happy crafting! And don't forget to thank those who do things for you every day. Even though you don't realize it, you're being helped every day.


Are You Thirsty?

I love charity: water. That's no secret. I love everything about that organization. I am awestruck by the recent results of 9 year old Rachel's wish and how it came to fruition after her car accident. Last year I gave up my birthday and Christmas to raise money for charity: water, and I also got a group of musician friends (and my Daddy) together to have a concert to benefit charity: water and we raised $700 at the concert alone. What an amazing accomplishment!!

Now I've got some ideas brewing with a good friend who is head of izzy s. designs to create some awesome things to sell and 100% of the profit will go to charity: water where 100% of that money will go to helping people get access to clean water. Wow. I'm dumbfounded. I'm also super duper excited.

I hope you're excited too. Keep your eyes peeled for more things to come. I'll keep you updated and maybe throw in some sneak peeks.

Also, it's my last day of 'vacation'. Monday I go back to work. I can't wait! Good things do come to those who wait. :)

Happy crafting!


Menu Board!

I  love cooking. I especially love to cook wholesome meals as part of my new philosophy on life: try it once. So with my new job starting soon, I knew I would be getting busier than I already am and needed a way to keep myself on track to prevent the unfortunate demise of dinnertime to frozen meals and pasta. I saw a menu board on Etsy and liked it, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. So I made my own. :) Now I will be able to plan meals and go grocery shopping and have it all organized so that I can start to incorporate other ways of eating (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) into my diet with ease.

I used cardstock for the stencil and learned that is not the best medium to use. If I did this again I would use something that has adhesive on one side and isn't so porous. Possibly vinyl or some other kind of sticker. I wonder if Freezer Paper would work? Hmmmm. Nevertheless, my letters are a little messy, but that's ok - it reminds me that nothing is perfect.

Check it:

 The "Thing Two" button was what I used to make the circles around the letters. I have a pack of cardstock letters that I used for stencils, too.

 Here it is all taped up and ready to paint:

 And finished:

 With some sample recipes (first one is my faaaaaavorite dinner ever) and it's magnetic so I can attach the recipe/coupons to the board to assist in the cooking/purchasing process. Yay!

I can't wait to hang it (*ahem* Dad - bring some screws, please?) and get organized!

Happy Crafting!



I took Raj for a walk today and saw a door 2 streets away that said 'free'. I knew it was going to be heavy and I was super nervous about taking it. But with some prodding from Brandi, my mom (who said if you see someone, ask for it, then you won't feel so weird taking it), and Ken, I managed to gather up the cajones to shove it in my car. It weighs about 5000lbs and was really tough to carry on my own, but I did it. :) Also, the hatch didn't close with it in there...haha. It will soon be a dining room table. I will keep you updated on the upcycling process!!

Check it:


We live and learn...

Well, tonight was a pretty big sewing fail. Not so much a "sewing" fail but more a "this doesn't really look right on my body-type" fail. I had the awesome idea to take fabric, attach it to phat elastic (aka 3" elastic) and then attach that to a tank top. It would look like some of the dresses that are in fashion right now. Brandi supported me 100% and wanted one too. So we finally got all the elements and set to work. After a bit of trial and error, her dress turned out AWESOME!

I finally managed to get the skirt done, fixed the tank and then put it all together and:

Yeah, so I'm sure you all can see the problem here. Because I'm a bit more *ahem* endowed, it seems that I have even larger *ahem* assets than usual. NOT COOL. I mean, I don't try to hide them, but I'm not trying to make them stand out like the Titanic or Mt. Everest.

So, we learned something tonight: big elastic at the empire makes Meig's boobage look 500 times bigger than it actually is. Duly noted. So...Brandi now gets to have TWO of these dresses because her body fits it better. ;) And I'll just go back to creating my polka-dot sheet dress and have a fantastic day!

Happy crafting!


Let go and let God; and Thomas the REALLY useful engine

Yes, I'm well aware that's a pretty polarizing title. Read on if you wish, if not - I won't be sad.

As many of you know, I've been unemployed for a while. I've gone on some interviews and while they've been great jobs that I'd be lucky to get, they're just not where I want to be. Finally, the job that I've needed has come through. I'll start on August 1, and they're going to pay me what I asked for. Best part? I get to be back working with two of my favorite attorneys EVER and I only have to work 35h a week! WOOHOO!

A couple months ago I reminded myself of a phrase my mom has been saying for YEARS: Let go and let God. Essentially she's reminding me to get out of my own damn way. Too often I forget that it's not my job to plan everything out and micromanage my life. I've gotta let things happen on their own. If you don't believe in God, then look at it as life moving along its natural path. I choose to believe there is a God, but I don't expect anyone to share in my belief.

I've said this phrase so much lately that I've been informed that I should start putting it on things and selling them so that other people can be reminded to get out of their own damn way. I find it comforting to know that when I stop demanding so much of myself and remember that it's not all up to me to plan every minute of my life, things will happen, and often those things are good. Since I've decided to let go and let God nothing but good has come my way. I plan on keeping up the tradition. (NB: when I say 'nothing but good', I don't mean bad things don't happen - they do, but the good outweigh the bad, and overall the things I need to happen, do and the things that I decide I need to happen but don't really need to happen - don't because they're just clutter.)

On a crafty note: I made a super cute pillow case for my nephew today! He *loves* Thomas and I scored on this kit at Wal-Mart in the clearance section. It came out really cute!!

Check it: