Squeee!! It's a girl!! :)

My cousins are having a baby!! We've know this for a while, but I only recently finished making the baby stuff for them and sent it off so I couldn't write about what I made until they got it. We've been calling her BGW (Baby Girl Wolfe) because she won't be named until she's met (love them!!).

I wanted to make so many things for her but it was just impractical, expensive, or not something I felt capable of making, until the day Brandi and I found *the* fabric at Joann's. It was on the clearance rack (which is so sad because it's SOOOO cute!) and then was even marked 50% off of that so it was really affordable for my unemployed self, but moreso, it was *perfect*. It has little monkeys wearing pink tshirts and says 'Little Monkey' on it. I know, amazing, right? I bought a couple yards and decided I would make a tote bag (Momma friendly, of course), a diaper pouch, and a rattle. I grabbed two fat quarters that went well with the monkeys and was on my way to making some super cute stuff for BGW. :)

This is the rattle (got the pattern/instructions from a book called Pretty Little Presents):

Here is the diaper pouch (also from Pretty Little Presents):

Here's the tote (Meig and Brandi style) with lots of pockets (4 to be exact, and two have elastic in them for sturdiness/bottles/etc.):

Here's the whole super cute collection! :)

I'm so glad they loved everything and I can't wait to meet her!! She's going to be so loved and so lucky to have such great parents and our big loving family.

Happy crafting!!

PS: One of the awesome parts of this project is that the thread I used was from the collection of threads I inherited from my Grandma Heyburn who is also my cousin's grandma. I like to think there's a little bit of her in those presents. :)

UPDATE: Baby was born. :) She's perfect - and she has red hair!!! They named her Maryjane Theresa, and Mary Jane is the name of my grandma whose thread was used for the above. :)


Silly Seatbelts!!

Have you ever had that problem where your seatbelt digs into your neck and you can't make it stop unless you move your seatbelt into a completely illegal position? I have that problem. I also have the problem that all the seatbelt cushions they sell in stores are not my style AT ALL. I found this super cute fat quarter at the store and decided it was going to be my seatbelt cover/cushion. I set out to create it. Once I make another one (aka: make a better one) I will take pics and do a tutorial. :)

Here she is:

Happy crafting!!


Record breaking bowls. Literally...

I don't know where, but somewhere I saw this bowl made out of a record. It was genius to me. I wanted one. So I decided to make some, but I would have to go to the thrift store to get records and on my list of crafty things to do, that was low because I was having too much fun sewing shirt pillows/bags, etc. My dad made a comment about how he was going to take some of his old records up to the Goodwill and I said "WAIT! Do you mind if they're turned into art? Like, not usable as records anymore but usable as art and displayed lovingly in art appreciator's homes?" He agreed. So I acquired a number of vinyls that ranged from an OSU band recording to the History of Music in 4 million parts.

Brandi's MIL was chomping at the bit to babysit so we had her come over to hang out with JJ at their house while we played with toxic stuff at my house. We simply put them in the oven long enough so they got all melty (you balance them on a bowl first) and then pulled them out and shaped them. Either shape them with your hands (as pictured below) or put another bowl (bigger than the bottom bowl, of course) on top and it will cause it to shape that way. SO COOL!!!!

Brandi shaping a bowl:

 All the billions of bowls we made on my counter:

Happy crafting!!


My friend is finishing up his MA at The University of Akron (I still call it Akron University but am forever being corrected) and got a new laptop a couple months ago. He came over one day and was showing me some of the things that he had for his thesis and I noticed that his laptop was naked in his messenger bag. I didn't realize that just a couple days later I would find the perfect fabric to create a snug little home for his laptop inside his bag so that it wouldn't be naked any longer!!

Brandi and I were walking around Jo-Ann Fabrics and this AWESOME robots fabric LEAPT off the shelf and attacked me. It screamed "MAKE ME INTO A LAPTOP BAG FOR YOUR FRIEND!!" So, being the goody-two-shoes that I am, I obliged. I purchased the fabric and set forth finding a tutorial on how the heck I was going to make this stinking laptop bag. I found this awesome tutorial on Sew Mama Sew that was so detailed I couldn't make a mistake!! So, together with my fabric, my BFF, my brains (somewhat inadequate at maths, but oh well), and my BFF's sewing machine (because we did it on a Wednesday night at her house after the baby went to sleep), I set forth on an adventure to create: THE ROBOT LAPTOP BAG.

(Ignore the jammie pants below...)

I used snaps instead of velcro mainly because that was what I had on hand, but also because I like snaps/buttons better than velcro.

Needless to say: he *loved* it. I took a risk because I didn't have the *exact* measurements of his laptop. I just knew it was a 14" blah blah blah so I googled that and got some varying measurements and then took the median hoping it would work. Turns out, I'm not so bad at assuming things when it comes to crafts (assuming things when it comes to life is a whole nother story). It fit perfectly AND it fit in his bag perfectly. WINNING!!

I hope you all enjoy this project as much as I did. I was giddy with excitement when he stopped by to visit and I gave it to him. I could barely keep my feet on the ground I was doing the happy dance so much! I think this is the most difficult thing I've made, to date, but it's so awesome and I'm so glad he loves it! :)

Happy crafting!

Mother's Day

I have lots of moms in my life. My mom, my sister is a mom, aunts, cousins, best friends...they tend to multiply. This year is my second year as a Godmother, too. :) I took my little JJ on a date to make something special for her mom (who also happens to be my crafty counterpart and best friend Brandi).

We headed over to All Fired Up in West Akron to paint a plate for mom for Mother's Day. :)
 Julie pretending to paint with a paintbrush and closed paint container (didn't want too much evidence getting home!!).
 Here she is with the finished product before we turned it in for firing.
 And here is the fired piece. Happy Mother's Day Brandi!! :)

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering what I did for MY mom on Mother's Day...well, I made her a super cute toter bag that matches mine. :) The pets got her a mug that says "I love my grandma" on it. Both my parents came up here for dinner and JJ, Brandi, the parents, and I had a great time playing and spending time with each other.

Happy crafting everyone!

Raj's Handsome Collar Collar

When I made the button down shirt pillow I had a lot of pieces left over like the sleeves and collar. What to do with them? I had a brilliant idea with the collar - attach it to a dog collar with snaps and put it on Raj. Yep. I did it. :) (The sleeves later became pants for JJ crafted by Brandi.)

 Easter Sunday he wore his finery, but Grandpa decided he needed a tie to wear with his collar, so he now has an elephant tie to spice it up. :)
 Here we are in my parents' backyard on Easter morning. I made both our outfits (minus my cardi).
 Brandi made the cute bow in my hair. :)
 Happy Easter (a bit late)!!

Oh, and happy crafting! :)