Bullying vs. Terrorism - are they the same thing?

Big headlines in this country today, and especially here in North Eastern Ohio, are about bullying.

Bullying is a big issue. One that's bigger than we could ever imagine. If a child or a person is slightly off kilter, we make fun of them. If they're a little chunky, we call them fatty or Big Red (as was my 'nickname' for the majority of middle school). It's a shame.

But the thing about it is, we wonder where we get it from and why it's such a problem with young kids -- the reason is because adults do it, too. Even the government does it. (Do we really have to get into the gory details of torture, coersion, and GITMO?)

This article is a great example of bullying gone awry and I'm ever so proud of the Judge for refusing to allow an evidentiary witness because his existence and location was obtained by coersion and torture. Good on you, Judge Kaplan.


New family member!!

In case some of you didn't know, I've now grown my family by one. I know, I know, you're all thinking 'but she wasn't pregnant! She doesn't want to have kids!' and you're all right: I got a dog. :)

His (full) name is Raj Koothrappali Heyburn, he's a black lab/shepherd mix, almost 3 years old, and the sweetest monster in the world. He fits into our little family perfectly. :) Tigger and Maxi tolerate him, even hang out with him when there's nothing exciting going on. Plus, he leaves them be to run around and do their cat things. It's pretty sweet.

Anyway, that's what's new in my world. Hope you're all swell. :)


I. Hate. War.

On this Memorial Day, 2010, we remember those who have died in service to our country. My wish for the future is that we don't have to keep fighting and be at war with others so that no more men and women (all over the world) have to die for our 'causes.'

It's heartbreaking to me the thought that there are so many families out there whose loved ones have died in countless wars and pointless ones, at that. I know that we believe that what we are doing in the Middle East is just and justified, but I don't agree. I think that we're looking at it all backwards -- we're trying to take a nation and a culture that is different from our own and mold it into what we know -- that's like the Russians coming to the USA and telling us how to run our government. We have to take into account the different cultural situations -- the different parts of their history -- we need to examine it from their point of view before we can actually make change happen. Quite frankly, all attempts at change will be futile unless they accept it and decide to make that change happen on their own.

Now, don't get me wrong -- I believe that there is a lot messed up in the Middle East -- there's no denying that. The issue I have with it is the approach we have taken. It's all responsive. We are responding to the attack on our country 9 years ago; yet we have still to catch the man who was supposedly in charge of it. We're fighting a 'war on terrorism' yet we still have terrorists in our country today. A terrorist is someone who controls by inciting fear in citizens -- we have those people in our own country, our own citizens, and we continue to protect them and let them think their bigoted ideas.

Mahatma Ghandi said: Be the change you wish to see in the world. So let's do that. Let US be the change we wish to see in the world -- let's stop arguing who's right and who's wrong and just get down to the business of righting ourselves before we postulate to others how they can right themselves.

I hope that the souls of those who have died in service to this country I call home rest in peace and that some day we will find a way to peace instead of war.


I'm Yours

"I'm Yours" ~ The Script

You touch these tired eyes of mine
And map my face out line by line
And somehow growing old feels fine
I listen close for I'm not smart
You wrap you thoughts in works of art
And they're hanging on the walls of my heart

I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
And though I may not look like much
I'm yours
And though my edges may be rough
And never feel I'm quite enough
It may not seem like very much
But I'm yours

You healed these scars over time
Embraced my soul
You loved my mind
You're the only angel in my life
The day news came my best friend died
My knees went week and you saw me cry
Say I'm still the soldier in your eyes

I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
And though I may not look like much
I'm yours
And though my edges may be rough
And never feel I'm quite enough
It may not seem like very much
But I'm yours

I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
I know I don't fit in that much
But I'm yours


Putin > Lady GAGA

So, today I was told that I'm weird because I have a picture of Vladimir Putin at my desk, but in the same sentence I was informed that it's normal to have a picture of Lady GAGA at your desk. Wait, wait, I'm sorry, I'm confused. See, here's the thing: I could give a rat's behind about GAGA and what she's doing. I mean, as a part of humanity, yes, I care about her, but she's not a part of my daily life - aside from what I hear of her on the radio - I don't care about what goes on with her. However, Putin is an active part of my life. He is a part of my daily conversation. I celebrate Vladurday every week with two of my best friends. Further, he is the leader of one of the largest countries in the world - being a student of foreign policy and its functions, Putin is a great part of my life.

This picture is rather humorous, actually, it's from Vladurday a few weeks ago. It's quite amazing, actually - it says "Vladimir Putin is wearing a bear -- your argument is invalid." This statement has humor, but a lot of weight. Satirically, it's extremely valid - Putin was the head of state of Russia for many years, made lots of changes, and had dreams of taking the country back to its Lenin/Stalin history. He established that his opinion was the superior and the one that mattered most. He was president of Russia for 8 years and is now the Prime Minister (and in my opinion, still the president, just with a different name). He was a member of the KGB. He's got big dreams and he's not going to let anything stop him.

On the flip side, he's a brilliant man. He's intelligent, skilled, and very capable. A talented debate master and well versed in the ways of the world, especially that of the United Nations.

In other words, it's my opinion that Putin is superior to GAGA. Now, I realize that not everyone is of this opinion, however, in the grand scheme of things - GAGA isn't going to take over the world like Pinky and the Brain, but Putin will - he's got plans in place. I realize that my ideas of what's important in life are somewhat different from what others view as important, however, I'm getting a little tired of being told that my magazines are 'stupid and boring' and that my research 'sucks because it's boring' and that I'm weird because I prefer public political figures over 'artists and performers.'



Well, today was another billing day - woohoo! - so I got some more music time in. :) Here's another song from the same band - Thriving Ivory - that hit me pretty hard today.

Unhappy - Thriving Ivory

She takes her clothes off and she says
Is it alright if I stay the night?
I don't remember what I said, is it alright?
Well she's gone when I awake
Left a letter, saying everything was a mistake
And I'm alone, but it's alright
'Cause I understand, I could tell everything's not fine
It's never alright to push away, I'm not as blind as you may think
And I'm tired of all that is
And I know that this time it's not all in my head

You look a little unhappy, 'bout the way the world is turning
Is there anything I could do to take your mind off
Your troubled hearted kind?
And she said maybe, just maybe
You won't end up like him

It's just another day it's cold
And I'm losin' myself inside
The colors on the wall, are all faded
And all that's left is a hope for another day
That's not cold again, again, and it's a shame
And I know that this time it's not all in my head

You look a little unhappy, 'bout the way the world is turning
Is there anything I could do to take your mind off
Your troubled hearted kind?
And she said maybe, just maybe
You won't end up like him

It must been around midnight
There's a ghost at the door
She said please go slowly
Because we've all been here before

She takes her clothes off and she says
Is it alright if I stay the night?
I don't remember what I said, is it alright?
She takes her clothes off and she says
Is it alright if I stay the night?
I don't remember what I said, is it alright?
And I know that this time it's not all in my head

You look a little unhappy, 'bout the way the world is turning
Is there anything I could do to take your mind off
Your troubled hearted kind?
And she said maybe, just maybe
You won't end up like him
You look a little unhappy, 'bout the way the world is turning
Is there anything I could do to take your mind off
Your troubled hearted kind?
And she said maybe, just maybe
You won't end up like him


Day of Rain

Last year my sister got me hooked on the band Thriving Ivory. I love these guys. I love everything about their record. I like the way it sounds, how it makes me feel, and how it reminds me of things I do want to remember and those I don't want to remember. Today, while I was at work doing billing (worst two hours EVER), I was listening to the CD on my iPod. As always, I fall into each song and love every minute of it, but today was different; this song kept poking me, it kept leaping up and tapping me on the shoulder and reminding me in some way of how much I love it. So, here are the lyrics for you.

Day of Rain - Thriving Ivory

Late again
Guilt free in the middle of the pouring rain
Hair's a mess she said
Would you mind if I spent the night alone?

3am she's upset
It's not you and it never was
Packs her things she's gone where?
That place I'll never know
Somewhere in the middle of the pouring rain

I wake up late
Sometimes I wish I never woke up at all
And I contemplate
I guess maybe I'm better off alone

I'm gonna leave this place
I guess winter got the best of us this year
And the sky's a mess
I'll run out in the middle of the pouring rain
God speed in the middle of the pouring rain

When the day is done and you're not here again
When the day is done and you're not here again
When the day is done and you're not here again
When the day is done and you're not here again
here again

When the day is done, when the day is done
When the day is done and you're not here again

I'll run out in the middle of the pouring rain
God speed in the middle of the pouring rain
I'll find love in the middle of the pouring rain

Ironically, it's about to rain - thunderstorm - maybe even a tornado or two. However, look deeper into the words and find the meaning for you in them.


A Short Walk Down Sesame Street...

25 years ago my grandmother gave me two gifts (well, she gave me more than two, but only two are being discussed in this story...). She gave me a stuffed Big Bird and a stuffed Cookie Monster. They both had on diapers that had the (then) Luvs diaper logo on them (only Cookie Monster still has his on now). Very quickly, I favored Big Bird. Ingeniously, as my grandmother always was, she went out quickly and purchased a second Big Bird so that there would be a back-up, and he was lovingly named "Bird's Cousin". Bird went with me everywhere. He was always with me, on every trip, every adventure, every place I went to, he was there. Only when Bird was forgotten somewhere did Bird's Cousin fly in for a visit.

As I'm sure you've guessed, yes, I still have Big Bird today. And he looks sad, sickly even. But he's Big Bird. The companion who has always been there for me, who has always consoled me when I needed it, and who has helped me cope with numerous nightmares. I know it sounds silly, but when you're a kid, these things matter. Nevertheless, his seams are getting a little ragged and he needs to have some surgery done. My (other) grandmother was always his surgeon, able and agile with the needle, she purchased thread in every color of yellow and orange so as to keep up with his perpetual color changes over the years. She was the only surgeon he was allowed to go to, but when she died, I needed someone to replace her. My aunt willingly took over.

This brings me to the reason for this post: I have to surrender Big Bird for a few days so that he can have his surgery performed, so his Cousin had to come in for a visit. When I put them side by side, I was amazed at the difference between them. It is astonishing to me how different these two stuffed animals, who used to be identical, look today. (I'm sure you can guess which is which, below...)

This got me thinking about how material things can bring us comfort in life. I can guarantee you this: if ever anyone were to do anything to Bird, I would lose it. But, that same philosophy goes for anyone doing anything to a person I care about. Bird is simply a material object that brings me comfort, like blankies and other sorts of animals for other people. It reminds me of times when I couldn't fathom danger. It reminds me of times when I felt safe all the time, because if I didn't - all I had to do was go see my mom, dad, brother or sister, and I felt instantly safe again. Bird is simply an object representing feelings.

This drastic difference in Bird also reminds me of how we can change over the years. As we have life experiences, we change - inside and out, but if we life inside a box for 23 years, we won't change a bit (or at least not very much). The choices we make in life help to build our spirits and create who we are; we are changed by the choices and experiences we have in life. I try to make choices that will be beneficial for not only myself, but the people who are surrounding me in my life. Everything I do, every choice I make, and every experience I have will not only affect me, but everyone else around me, too.
It's just a simple reminder that we need to be cognisant of the things around us so that we are making positive impacts on people in our lives and not negative impacts. I love everyone in my life and am so thankful that I have them around.


Oh, Arizona.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Hubble Telescope launch! Woo!

Also, today marks the day after Arizona's governor signed the 'immigration bill' into law. Now, I realize that she also signed an executive order which establishes methods by which the police are to determine who to question regarding their residential status, however, I can guarantee you that it is not going to prevent a police officer from asking 85% of all hispanics they see for proof of residency. Sorry, but that's racial profiling to me.

Not all 'illegal aliens' (as they are inappropriately called, because they're not here illegally, as there is [currently] no law against them entering the country - the issue lies when they do not enter the bureaucratic red tape and jump through the governmental hoops in order to obtain permanent residential status, but I digress...) are hispanic. Some are Canadian, French, Russian, German, African, Australian, or any other nationality you'd like to add to that list. Anyone could enter this country 'illegally', attempt to avoid the red tape and hoops, stay here, and be considered 'illegal aliens'. Hispanics aren't the only ones - they're just more prominent in the South-Western United States.

For all you know, I could be an 'illegal alien', I've just got a really good accent and act like I'm 'Amurican'. Oh well, I suppose that doesn't matter. We've got to cleanse our country. Make sure it's pure; make sure that only the good people live here. We have to ensure that our citizens aren't paying for anyone else and their laziness; make sure that they aren't taking advantage of our hard work. *gag* Sheesh, I can't even type that without gagging on it.

Wasn't this country founded on the ideals of a 'melting pot'? A place where people of all nationalities could come together and become one? A place where there wasn't a national language because it was somewhere that everyone's language was accepted and recognized as valid - yet we all speak English so that we can communicate with each other on a daily basis. Oh, wait, no. That doesn't matter anymore. We've lost sight of why we came here in the first place: to escape persecution. So if our founders came here to escape persecution, why are we trying so hard to persecute those who come here for that very same reason?

I don't know about you, but I work hard. Every day I get up, go to work, put in my 8+ hours, go home, take care of my house, some days go to another job, volunteer at my church and in my community, and I spend time with my family and friends when I can. I work hard every day so that I can make a better life for myself, but also so I can make a better life for those around me.

Now, don't get me wrong - I think that people who come into the US should become residents by the proper avenues, but that's next to impossible when we make it so difficult for them to do so. If our country is so intent upon going back to our founding values, then we should take into account the fact that our country was created as a safe haven from a tyrant king. Our country was created to be a place where all nationalities could come together in harmony and live as one. Our country was created as a place where we could better ourselves and live a better life.

However, we also should remember that our founders are the same people who ushered hundreds of thousands of people onto reservations, gave them blankets laced with small pox and other sorts of deadly diseases, and then forced them to assimilate to Western ways and values - attempting to wipe out their nationality, heritage, and personage. Let's not let that part of history repeat itself. Let's leave it be in the past and never come back.


Tequila...Oh, Tequila...

My point exactly:

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Earth Day 2010!!

Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope you are doing your part to preserve the earth and everything in it! I know I am, not just today, but every day.

And just for funnies...


Oooh! Funny stuff!

So, I've had a few weeks of non-stop running around, craziness, and I am exhausted. Mentally and physically. But I don't have the time to take a break (aside from the slow days at work... heh), so I look to funny websites to entertain me. Today these photos made my day. I wanted to share them with you. :)

27 Dresses? Not quite...

One of the most horrific times in a girl's life is dress shopping. Now, most of you think that the skinny girls can't possibly have anything to complain about because they can fit into anything, but, quite frankly, dresses aren't all made equal. Every dress has it's own limitations and every dress is going to fit differently. Now, that's not to say that bigger girls aren't more traumatized by the experience (I know I am), but the fact of the matter is that each girl has a difficult time with dresses, no matter her size.

With that preface done, I'd like to share with you a recent experience that made me want to murder the sales lady... One of my good friends from college is getting married and, naturally, asked me to be in her wedding. This will be number 5. I think it's safe to say that I am a professional bridesmaid now. I'm not quite up to Jane Nichols level (27 Dresses), but I am rapidly approaching it. Especially since 3 more of my friends are getting married. *sigh* Anyway, I digress. So back to my story. I went up to West Cleveland with the bride, another friend who is a bridesmaid, and the other two girls in the wedding party, and the mother of the bride, to get fitted for our dresses. The ladies discretely took our measurements (no I will not share them with you) and then proceeded to show us cards that list our measurements and their appropriate sizes. When getting sized for a formal gown, three measurements are taken: bust, waist and hips. For two of us, two of the measurements were one size and one was a different size. The different size just so happened to be 5 sizes larger than we normally wear. No, that's not a lie, and yes, that is absurd. Because - here's the thing, the biggest part of my body fit into the smaller size, but they insisted it was not the biggest part of my body. Apparently they failed anatomy, which is why they are working in a dress shop.

So, to sum up, I informed the woman, as politely as I possibly could, that I would not be purchasing the larger size and having $400 in alterations done on it. I would simply stop eating for 5 months and purchase the smaller size. She did not find the humor in that. So, I said "no, I'll eat, I'll just throw it up later." She didn't think that was funny either. Nevertheless, the nasty woman I bought this overpriced piece of cloth from, informed me that I needed to be on a diet (thanks, lady, as if my self-esteem wasn't low enough...) and that I needed to sign and initial here saying I was on a diet (!!!!) and that I was aware I was purchasing a dress smaller than they suggested (!!!).

I will never go back to that place to buy a dress. Ever. I will never suggest it to people. Ever. I will forever despise the customer service and the way I was treated. I worked in sales, I know how it is, but I also know what it is like to talk to people in a way that is encouraging and supportive. To not look down on them because of their size. I, by no means, am a giant. I may be a little on the chunky side, but I'm otherwise healthy. My heartrate, blood pressure, cholesterol, lipids, blah blah blah are all at great levels. I am healthy. I just have some extra weight that hasn't completely been lost, and part of it is because of the medications I take, and part of it is because I work two full-time jobs and don't have time to exercise. But the other part of it is because I don't care. As long as I am healthy and I can fit into the clothes I own, it's not important to me. I think that the obsession with being 'skinny' is disgusting and is a terrible social trend. We should be obsessed with being HEALTHY.

So, that's my story. Someday I'll have a few more dresses in my closet to model. Maybe I'll make a movie about it! Oh, wait, they already did that. Darn.


Email of the Day (EOTD)!!

Email of the day from my fabulous friend Missy. We were discussing the fact that Sarah Palin has signed a deal for a new book, and checked out that information on CNN's Political Ticker, where the first picture was posted along with the story. Then Missy sent me this deliciousness:

"I love/hate her so much. Did you see the PICTURE of her??

“You will bow down to the power of my awesomeness”
Which reminded me of this:
Which leads me to this:
Which led me to this:

And I think I need to stop whilst I’m ahead . . . "

And thus began the saga of the first Email of the Day (EOTD). I hope you enjoyed as much as we have... :)


Inspirations from Mexico

I've been asked to be more descriptive and interpretive regarding my recent work in Mexico, so here goes. :)

Before I left for Mexico, I got the standard 'don't drink the water', 'don't wander around at night by yourself', and 'don't get stabbed' from friends and family. What they didn't tell me was to be sure I prepared myself to be awed, inspired, and fall in love with the country.

I love travelling. If I could get paid to travel the world, take pictures, and write about my experiences, I'd be a very rich lady. But, alas, that is not what I do. I try to do some good each time I travel, whether it's working in a soup kitchen, buying goods at a charity shop, or helping build homes in the local community. This trip, like many others I have taken, was with a group from my church. We went down to Tijuana to work with an organization called Esperanza International. This organization helps build homes in the local communities and provides support for the people that inhabit them.

My church group has been going for approximately 7 years. In these 7 years they have built a community of people with both the volunteers that are there during the same week as them, but also with the people they have built houses for. The families help build the homes, they provide lunch for those who are working, and they are responsible for the final painting and finishing of the home before they move into it.

Before I went to Mexico, I was all prepared for seeing poverty, dirt, trash, and all sorts of other heartbreaking images. I was not prepared to fall in love with the poverty, dirt, trash and other sorts of heartbreaking images. When I went back to school to get my Masters degree, I chose International Politics again, but I studied human rights violations with a renewed vigor, and that has been my research topic of choice ever since. I am constantly awed by the things that we can do to each other and how we treat one another.

Mexico was an eye-opening experience for many reasons. Initially, I was amazed by everything I saw and heard (yes I do speak some Spanish, so I understood what they said - for the most part), then I was awed by the work I went there to do. I knew what the organization was, what they did, and how they did it; but I didn't quite realize the impact it would have on my soul while I was there. We worked alongside the families to build their new homes - we put our blood, sweat and tears into those homes, and I couldn't be more humbled by that experience. Sure, our antiperspirant wasn't very effective after about 3 hours of digging, so we all smelled stanky (even man deodorant doesn't work well - I tried...), but that was the (uncomfortable) price to pay for making someone's life better.

The houses we were building were replacement houses for three families whose houses burned when an entire shanty town in Tijuana burned down. Currently, they are living in wood framed houses that are sparsely decorated. This doesn't bring their spirits down, though. It amazes me how contented and full of life someone who has lost almost everything can be. I am sure they would love to have big SUVs, brand new clothes, lots of money in the bank, and multi-million dollar houses; but they are content with the hand-me-down car and clothes, the meager wages they earn, and the 4 walls they have around them.

When we arrived at the building site, there were vendors constantly present trying to sell us bracelets, blankets, ponchos, purses, etc. These things were available almost anywhere else that we visited; they were on streetcorners, in shops, and almost everywhere else we visited. People were selling them to make ends meet. You don't see that here in the states. The experience was like none other. But in addition to the ever-present vendors, there were also a mass of dogs all over the place. Some were well taken care of, some were clearly pure bred, some were malnourished, and some were just existing; but no matter where you looked, there was a dog wandering around.

I cannot put into proper words the effect that Mexico had on my soul. All I can say is that I am changed from the experience, as I am changed from most experiences in my life. I have returned home with a renewed zeal for non-profit and human rights work, as well as a resolve to be more involved in my own community.

I wish for you all to have an experience like I have had in Mexico - to see how the other half truly lives, and not just what is shown on the television or in photos. Not only do I adore the Hispanic heritage and culture (everything sounds more beautiful in Spanish!), but I am in awe of the sights, sounds, and smells of Mexico; I cannot wait to go back next year and do some more good.

Please consider volunteering or donating to Esperanza International. They're doing incredible work for an incredible people.


Saturday is Travel Day!

Up early this morning to head home to Snowy Ohio! We stopped at Denny's in San Diego for breakfast (I had chocolate chip pancakes!), then we went to the airport. I'm pretty sure you all know what happens in airports and what happened afterward. So, there I leave it. :)


Oh Friday...

Friday started off as most other days did...work! Today we poured cement in two foundations all before lunch.
After we finished pouring the cement, we cleaned up, ate lunch, then went to visit the families we helped in previous years. We took them some housewarming gifts, because they were moving into their new house and a few clothes for them, too. It was so nice to be able to see them again. :)

Afterward, we went back to the Taqueria for dinner. Yum! Back to the Posada for cards, packing, cleaning, and preparing for the long day of travel on Saturday.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday... BIRTHDAY!

Thursday started out with a trip to the health center that Esperanza helped to build a number of years ago. The site used to be a trash dump, and, quite honestly, it still is. Surrounding the health center is the pure definition of poverty and heartbreak. The people live in houses made of scrap wood, garage doors, plywood, tarps, and anything else they can find that will provide shelter for them.

The nuns who run the health center make it their mission to educate the community about illnesses from the garbage, and ways they can take care of themselves to prevent these diseases. They also have beautiful flowers on their property:
Afterward, we went back to digging ditches.

After we worked for a while, we had lunch, which just so happened to be Melissa's favorite food: MOLE!! (Pronounced molay.)
Then more work happened, and Anna bought me a bracelet for my birthday present. :) It says "Maria" on it, that's my Spanish name. (Meighen = Irish form of Mary)

After work we went back to the Posada, had showers, and went to visit a local orphanage. That was fun, and heartbreaking at the same time. The children were so fun to play with, but I wanted to take one of the little girls home with me. Her name is Victoria and she is the sweetest little soul I've ever met. She just sat in my lap and snuggled the entire time I was there. Her laugh was like fresh rain falling from the sky. I adore that little girl.

After the orphanage, we went back to the Posada and celebrated...MY BIRTHDAY!!! :) My awesome friends Liz and Emily (with some help from Jake) baked an awesome cake and decorated for my party. They also gave me one of the best gifts I could ever ask for, donations for my well. They heard my wishes and helped me as best they could.

We partied, had fun and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I had an opportunity to give to a community and to my well campaign at the same time. Amazing. Best birthday ever. :)

Working on Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, Ash Wednesday. We started off our holy day by going to mass down the street at the Catholic Church. It was a beautiful service, aside from the point when one of the high schoolers dropped Jesus (the host fell out of his mouth during communion). We received our ashes, and then went about our work day.

Today was a lot of work! We went to another worksite and dug trenches for the foundation of a house. The dirt we were digging in was a combination of sand and clay and very hard to get through. We dug all around the foundation and did most of the septic ditch.

After work we went back to the Posada, ate dinner, had another short Ash Wednesday service with our groups, then played euchre and continued to get to know each other. There may have been a few Tecate shared amongst friends. :)



Those of you who know me, know I do not care much for the beach. But today, beach was in order. Due to unforseen circumstances, we were unable to work today - so, what else should we do but go to the beach!

We started out the morning eating breakfast (pancakes!!), devotions, library time (my favorite time of the day), and then we drove to the worksite, just in case we could work. No go. So, we ate the wonderful lunch the ladies prepared for us and packed up, went back to the Posada to change, and went to the beach for a couple hours.

After the beach, we went back to the Posada and cleaned up. Today was our day to make dinner, so we made sloppy joes, macaroni and cheese, guacamole, carrots and celery, and a few other things. Then, pursuant to tradition, we played Euchre for a number of hours. :)

We had a beautiful, fun, and wonderful day. Miss you all, Meig

Some more photos for your enjoyment: