Easter 2015

I'm really terrible at coming up with clever titles... I should work on that.

Anyway, I participated in an Easter swap that was hosted by the same person as the Bitches Get Stitches one. You could pick salty or sweet, or middle. I picked middle because while I don't mind how I talk, I don't usually flaunt my poor language about.

I ended up having Brandi as my swap mama (weird) and then getting Heidi from my birthday club as my partner! So cool!

I know Heidi likes flying geese so my project centered around those. In the swap you were supposed to make the medium sized open wide zip pouch (tutorial by Noodlehead) but I made her one much bigger. I wanted her to be able to use it for her knitting projects. I used Cotton + Steel for the geese, a cute Hello text print from my stash, and some green/white solids to balance out that crazy. The inside was a slight nod to her love of Miller Lite. It's really a St. Patrick's Day print, but I figured since it had beers on it and Easter was just after St. P's day, it was ok.

I stuffed it full of yarn, more metal zippers, and candy (mostly from Mexico and my stopover in California).

My tradition the last couple years has been to make myself a new Easter skirt. Eventually I will get into dresses, but I have a hard time with dresses because of my body shape - nothing really looks flattering on me. Skirts and shirts look so much better. This year, I used a vintage sheet from my stash (and some white to make it less see-through), as well as the sparkly knit I had leftover from my sad attempt at a Penelope Peplum (turns out, this kind of shirt looks crummy on me - but I do have plans to hack the pattern and make it into a plain shirt because the measurements for the arms/chest are perfect).

I used the Cerisy Skirt Tutorial from Imagine Gnats for my skirt again this year. I love this pattern - it's so quick and perfect!

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