Go Diego, Go! Erm...Go Former President Clinton, Go!

He did it! He did it! He did it, yeah, he did it! Former President Bill Clinton convinced Kim Jong-il to release the two journalists (Laura Ling & Euna Lee) today. Woo! *does happy dance*

Now THAT is what I call diplomacy. Go in there, mission set, outcome established, and talk it out. Make things happen. Well, now if only there was an organization that did that.

Oh, there is? Really? Oh yeah! It's called the United Nations. Huh. Imagine that. A place where you can go (as a nation) and tell people what you need to improve and figure out a way to get help in that endeavor. That's unfathomable! Ha! Fancy that.

Anyway...so, three cheers for Billy Boy. He did good work today. My brilliant friend Liz calls him "Secretary of State Lite." Which makes me want to run to the fridge and grab a cold one. But, quite frankly, she's right. He and his wife are a bit of a tag-team. Oh goody! More superheroes!

Nevertheless, all snarky comments aside, these women's families are greatly relieved. They have posted a statement on their website. So, today is a happy day for these women. Let's keep moving around the globe and fight for the other mistreated, unjustly imprisioned, and violated souls out there.

Who's next?

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