Jai Ho!

Right now, in the hopes of landing a fabulously swanky job (well, to be honest, a job [period]) with an international organization, I am deep in the swells of creating a writing sample. Ahh, the dreaded "writing sample." Yes. I have become "that person." That person who writes a writing sample to provide their *future* employers with the prodigy and insight they behold.

Ok, let's be honest. Everything I've written in the last three years is too long or too shoddy. I've been working overtime to get this Masters Degree! But, in all my efforts, I seem to have allowed the shorter works to be the pitfalls of my writing (and am astonished that they passed...) while focusing my efforts on the more lengthy writings of my seminars. And the epitome of them all: my essay of distinction. That baby took FOREVER to research, write, prepare, edit, rewrite, re-edit, and finally get accepted. I'm done with that adventure. Now it's onto another. But I have to give them something better than quotes and citations from my church's website.

So, I delve back into the cause that makes my heart beat faster. The global struggle that makes my emotional heart sigh and sob and leap for joy all at the same time. Yes, I'm talking about Human Rights. That's right, baby, I'm going back to India. (Well, not really, I don't have those kind of funds. I wish I could go there in the first place! HA! Someday. But,) I'm writing about it again. So, for the next few days I'll be jamming to the Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack. Hunting down other fabulous bollywood classics and digging in my soul and my library to make this writing sample phenomenal. I only say it will take a few days because I simply don't want to deny myself the pleasure of writing it in one day! That would mean I can't stretch it out! That's a shame! So...here we go! Jai Ho!


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