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Human Rights Watch is a phenomenal organization. (You can find them on Facebook, Twitter (@hrw), and their website.) They monitor the situation of human rights across the globe and are also in the possession of a massive database of information relating to human rights in the world. Their work is astounding.

One story of today is about a journalist who was sentenced to jail for 12 years because he was attempting to expose corruption and abuses of power in Uzbekestan (his home country). Saidov (his pen name is Sayyid) also fought for rights of farmers in the Samarkand Region. But you can read all of that in this article. Including information about the sham that was his trial.

Human Rights is an issue that faces this world every day. I am saddened by the ways that people are treated. Even in my own country. We have the resources to care for our poor, yet we do not. We have the capability to feed the entire world if we all work together, yet we refuse to uphold our committments to the United Nations Millenium Development Goals.

Someday I hope the world will realize that there are more important things than ruling the world and controlling everything. I hope the world will realize that unless we work together, this world will never move forward. People will still starve. People will still die. AIDS will still run rampant. But if we make it our mission to feed starving people, help the sick, and find a way to cure and/or prevent AIDS, maybe the world will be a much better place for us all to live in. And then we can deal with Pinky & The Brain's mission to take over the world.

I realize that our economy is struggling. But imagine living on $1/day. Could you do that? Try. Then tell me how it goes.

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