This summer the heated topic of debate has been health care.

Now, I am for reforming the process by which we receive and pay for health care in this country. Because, quite frankly, I believe that the prices we are forced to pay are astronomical and obscene. It should not cost that much for malpractice insurance, it should not cost that much for health insurance premiums, and if you have health insurance, you should not be paying that much for your copay, lab tests, prescriptions and the like. On the other side, I believe that there should be a method by which people who are stuck in the middle can receive health "insurance" and/or quality health care for an affordable rate.

I don't believe that there is a "quick fix" or a simple way to solve this growing problem. However, I do not believe that it is fair to continue criticising the president of the United States in his first few months in office. It takes almost three years for economic policy to take effect so, therefore, it will not be for another 2.5 years that his policies will show benefit or detriment. What we are suffering now is backlash from the choices made 4 years ago. It is statistically proven. Nevertheless, here's the thing. I gave the previous administration a chance. I did not agree with most of the things that were done. Ok, a lot of the things that were done, but I wasn't critical and yelling at him for committing war crimes and abusing detainees. I simply kept that opinion to myself (until now) and proceeded to support him because he was elected president of the country I call home.

This article, written by Jon Meacham is brilliant. He has a way with words I can only hope to one day obtain. His point is clear: there are some things that need to be left alone. There are some analogies that should not be made. There are some lines that should not be drawnand a line between the Third Reich and Health Care is one of them.

Karl Marx was a bright man. He had hopes and dreams just like the rest of us. He had visions of social justice I can only see through his eyes. I'm not a Marxist, but not all Marx' ideas were bad ones. I realize that we need to work for what we have and I've worked hard for what I've got. I'm proud to say that I have an education and that I worked hard to obtain it. Granted, I am struggling to pay for it, yet someday I hope to have a job that will make it a bit easier for me to make those payments. Marx is dead; and Marx' theories are just that; theories. There is a difference between socialism and social justice. Our president speaks of social justice - a just society. Accusing our president of being a socialist seems a bit extreme to me.

Another author, Fareed Zakaria, takes a pretty powerful standpoint on the "crisis." Check it out. Further, one more article draws a parallel between health care and civil rights (which I believe are a human right). This article brings about the point that we have become so polarized we refuse to acknowledge the options that the other side has to offer.

We have to be sure we check out the lies and truths and not trust the media to tell us everything we need. And, for the record, Newsweek ran a full spread in its most recent publication. Check it out...

So, before you break out your swords and start slinging them, maybe you should realize that there are two edges. Because there will come a day when you cannot care for yourself - then who will do it? We will. Because that's what we do. As friends, neighbors, people of the United States of America, we will care for you. We will be there for you. Will you be there for us?

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