What the Tweet?!

So. Today was a monumental day; Twitter got hacked and somehow it affected Facebook, too. Both sites were down and/or slowed for most of the morning. Poor Adam Shefter, a soon to be employee of ESPN, sounded distraught when he said "just got back my twttr. Gone all day. nevr wnt 2 go through an ordeal lk that again. Had the shakes. Complete withdrawl [sic]. Just brutal." (You can follow him and/or see his updates on Twitter @Adam_Shefter.) Now, there may have been a bit of tongue in cheek there, but most of it was true. The whole world freaked out because they lost the power to tweet their goings on. Myself included. Although, I was working, so it wasn't so bad. I just sent a few texts to Twitter from my phone about the innane things that were happening in my morning. But, then it came back, with a vengance. Well, sort of. It's still a bit sporadic in its functioning, but at least you can tweet until your heart's content! ;)

So, after that grand introduction, I give you one of my favourite tweets of the day from CNN's Political Ticker (@politicalticker): "Nation's sixth president tweets" - http://tinyurl.com/mjvraw

Now, THAT is hilarious. And VERY worth following. I think that they should all tweet! Imagine the things they say! But so far that I've found just John Quincy Adams tweets (@JQAdams_MHS). I'll hunt some more down (I hope) once Twitter is back in full force. ;)

Onto other things, the Senate confirmed Sotomayor. Yay diversity! We've now got Supreme Court Justices who uphold the law to a "t," ones who construe it one way or another, and now we have someone who is willing to take a look at all the facts and make a decision based on what is presented. Of course, the Republicans are shaking in their shoes. But, really, can this administration do anything right? Not according to the Republicans. If they had it their way we'd be shooting moose and our friends (instead of quail -and no, not Dan Quayle - we're not talking potatoe). But, instead we have Obama. Who is doing the best job he can. Who has surrounded himself with intelligent and capable persons; but he's being torn down at every turn. Oh well, I suppose when you're so convinced that your way is the right and only way, it's impossible to imagine that anyone who has a different ideology from you could benefit your society.

It's OK. We've got Ron Paul. The little one. He has come to save the day! He says that bad debt leads to inflation. Well, I suppose so, yes. However, if you ever studied International Political Economy, or Economics, or Political Economy, you would know that putting money and focus into infrastructure will benefit the nation more than it will hurt it. By building from the inside out...oh...sorry, I forgot I was writing. I'll stop boring you with logistics and start bartering with Goats and Cows.

Yes, I said Goats and Cows. 40 Goats and 20 Cows. That's the price that a Kenyan man will pay for Chelsea Clinton's hand in marriage. Yes, that's right. Goats and Cows. Classic. Sometimes I wish we still bartered that way in this country. I'd have a lot more USD in my bank account! LOL!

But, anyway, so I'll leave you be. This has gotten long enough. Make sure you vote.

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  1. You know, thanks to Schrodinger's Cat, who was just chillin' down at the Large Hadron Collider, while Twitter was down, it was also up!

    Quantum Mechanics rule!