Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey...

line (līn) n. 1. Mathematics A geometric figure formed by a point moving along a fixed direction and the feverse direction. 3a. A real or imaginary mark positioned in relation to fixed points of reference. b. A degree or circle of longitude or latitude drawn on a map or globe. c. The equator.

Lines. They are used to connect two or more points on a plane (or multiple planes, for that matter - if we're talking 3D). They have a beginning and an end. They run horizontally (such as latitude on a globe or the X-axis on a graph) and vertically (such as longitude on a globe or the Y-axis on a graph). They are also used to establish one's ideological and/or political position in relation to society. This line is defined by directionality: left, moderate, right. Let's go back to the dictionary to check definitions once more. Bear with me, I like defining things.

(lĕft) adj. 2. often Left Of or belonging to the political or intellectual left. n. 2. often The people and groups who advocate liberal, often radical measures to effect change. Left a.b. The opinion of those advocating such measures.

mŏdʹər-ĭt) adj. 4. Opposed to radical or extreme views or measures, esp. in politics or religion.

(rīt) adj. 9. often Right Of or belonging to the political or intellectual right. n. 3. often Right a. The people and groups who advocate conservative or reactionary measures, esp. in government and politics. b. The opinion of those advocating such measures.

OK, now that we have established the definitions (provided to you today by the letters L, M & R...lol - and The American Heritage College Dictionary, 4th Ed.), we can go onto the discussion at hand.

Below is a (basic) graphic of the "left" to "right" line, including "moderates." It is, in its basic form, a line, depicting movement from right to left representing ideological changes representative of political parties/positions.

These are simply labels that we place upon one another. Whether we want them placed upon us or not, they are given to us, and oftentimes it is difficult for them to be changed.

Many have labeled me as "left." I maintain that I am not "left" nor am I "moderate" and I am not "right," either. I am simply "me." A more accurate representation of my political, social, emotional, and general ideology is:

Yes, that's right, a giant ball of scribbles. More accurately (in my interpretation) a world of scribbles. Lines interconnecting, twisting, turning, joining, looping, and making something bigger than myself. My ideology is that I am one person in this great wide world who has hopes and dreams for everyone. I will agree with you on some things, I will disagree with you on some things. You can present your opinion to me with fact and quite possibly *gasp* change my mind. Or, you can present me with fact, I can counter with fact, and we can have a nice discussion where we all learned something. But, if you insist on labeling me, it won't work. Because everything I say will be tainted by that label you applied to my forehead. I did not ask for it. Please do not put it there. And if you have put it there? Take it away. Now. Thank you.

So, I pose the question: Why do we label people depending upon what we believe their political ideology is? Furthermore, what does it matter?

I believe that all children across the globe should have the opportunity to become educated. I believe that everyone in the world should have access to clean water and food. I believe that everyone in the globe should be treated fairly and paid fairly for their labour. I believe that in situations of political, religious, ideological and other forms of oppression, it is the job of the global community to open its arms to refugees and offer a safe haven for them to recoup and get back on their feet. I believe it is the responsibility of the global community to assist one another in survival; to provide as many opportunities for assistance as possible; to come together and love one another; to work together to ensure the safety and protection of the underprivileged and help them excel in any way they know how.

As I said to a friend who commented on my political standing: In my Crocs, I stand up straight.

I simply want peace and justice for everyone, and believe that we are all entitled to fair and just situations.

And we thought India was the only country with a caste system problem...

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