All I want for Christmas and $25 for my 25th

I rarely ever ask for gifts for Christmas or my birthday. Not because I don't want things, I usually do, but what I want is never anything of value beyond myself; books, CDs, things that I can get myself. Really, what do I need with more stuff? I don't.

But this year I'm asking for something. Something really big. I'm asking for you to help me raise $5,000 to fund a well through charity:water in order to get clean water to 250 people in a village. 250 people! A whole village! An entire well!

Please help me do it.

I turn 25 on 2/18/2010 so I charge you to donate $25. If I can get 200 of the people I know to donate $25 for my birthday or for Christmas I can build this well.

Here is the link for where to go to do it: http://mycharitywater.org/gigen

Please think on it, pray on it, whatever you need to do to find it in your heart and your wallet to help me achieve this goal.

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