Water: essential for all known forms of life.

I, myself, have never experienced life without water. It has always been at my disposal. I have tried to never take it for granted. I take short showers, drink only as much that will keep me hydrated, and try to prevent falling into the stereotype of the "wasteful American" that so many of us are. I do my best to remember that there are so many in this world who have to endure life without clean water every day, and I am grateful that this is not something I have to live through.

I rarely ever ask for gifts for Christmas or my birthday. Not because I don't want things, I usually do, but what I want is never anything of value beyond myself; books, CDs, things that I can get myself. Really, what do I need with more stuff? I don't.

But this year I'm asking for something. Something really big. I'm asking for everyone to help me raise $5,000 to fund a well through Charity:water in order to get clean water to 250 people in a village. 250 people! A whole village! An entire well!

I turn 25 on 2/18/2010 so I am asking people to donate $25. If I can get 200 of the people I know to donate $25 for my birthday or for Christmas I can build this well.

Here is the link for where to go to check it out: http://mycharitywater.org/gigen

100% of the donations from this organization go to funding projects in countries all over the world building wells in communities and providing them with lasting solutions to their water scarcity and sanitation issues. This is the best gift I could ever ask for, or possibly give, and I am thankful every day that I am in the position to give back to the world that blesses me with its diversity, charm and love every day.

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