Bienvenidos a Mexico

Day One of my adventures to Mexico...
This was the day of the 10 hours spent flying and/or in the airport waiting to fly. What a day! We made it to San Diego on time, around 2:25pm PST and then drove to the Posada where we are staying. The Posada is outside Tijuana and is very beautiful. It's a gated grouping of rooms with a kitchen, common room, central square and an 'internet cafe' (which is being used as housing for the boys from another large group for the week). I managed to find a little bit of internet, but it's sketchy on its coverage.
Anyway, the drive to the Posada was just stunning. It reminded me so much of Puerto Rico. The colors of the houses, the palm trees, the water... I also found it interesting that there were so many beautiful houses surrounded by so many troubled houses. It was intriguing to me to see the stark difference between the classes so closely bound together in this city.
Nevertheless, once reaching the Posada we unpacked our bags, made our beds, then set off to do some grocery shopping. That was lots of fun. :) I decided that since I had forgotten Big Bird at home (he usually travels with me), that I needed to buy myself a valentine. Especially since Sunday (which happens to be today - the day I am writing this) was Valentine's Day and I didn't want to be left out of the lovin'. So, I bought Frederico. I call him Rico for short. He was named such because when Beth and I looked at him we were reminded of my Dad, Fred. He also is a larger version of the bear that I gave my dad as a keepsake when I was a child. :) So, thus, Rico became my buddy. My confidant, and my Valentine. :)
After grocery shopping, we went down to the local Taqueria and had dinner. YUMMY! :) Very tasty, aside from the cows head that was being steamed. I steered clear of that. Otherwise, amazing experience and opportunity para utilizar mi Espanol. ;)
Then, we did as every traditional Northeastern Ohioan does: played Euchre for a few hours. Wonderful times! I also managed to finsish my second book of the trip. (So, um, Mom, no...I DID need to bring that many with me...) Then it was off to bed to start another wonderful day.

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