Ignition or Ignorance?

I'm sure by now you have all heard about "Palm Gate" as it has been wonderfully coined. If you haven't, you're missing out. CNN has some info here: Palin's Palm Gate After she received some criticism about it, she mocked critics by writing "Hi Mom" on her palm.

See, here's the thing: Palin has no grasp as to what this has done to her image, especially for those who were already critics of her in the first place. Writing on your hand is for middle and high school kids, not for politicians who want to be taken seriously in the global community. Now, I understand that the Tea Partiers think that we need more common folk in the government running things, and I somewhat agree with them. What I don't agree with is the lack of common sense they seem to think needs to be in the government. Common folk can have common sense, a valid education and a respectable career. They don't have to be limited to poor vocabulary skills, ignorance and for-show-only degrees from sketchy colleges.

The bigger issue at play here may possibly be what she wrote on her hand: "tax cuts", "energy" and "boost American's spirits". Ok, now, I don't know about you, but if I were trying to gain headway in the public eye and pose myself on the podium in preparation for a presidential run, wouldn't these items be something that are ingrained in my every day speech? I should think so. One would think that if you're purporting to be the folksy, lovey-dovey, perfect voice for the American people, these three talking points would be so habitual that there would be no way to forget them. Let alone during a Q&A session.

Nevertheless, I realize that you don't have to have a PhD or JD to be intelligent (I only have a MA), but you can be informed and capable. Those are the kinds of leaders I'd like to have running my country. Not ones who are uninformed and ignorant about the world around them.

So, that said, please inform yourselves about issues and the world around you so that you can make informed choices at the polling stations. Let that be the ignition for your life, not the stopping point of it.

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  1. Anonymous10/2/10 11:42

    Seriously, did you misspell "ignorance" on purpose? C'mon..Sarah Palin may not be a University of Akron grad, but she is not *that* bad.