Vacation Time!

Day two, Sunday:
We got up, had breakfast (most important meal of the day!), devotions, then set off for La Bufadora. It's a beautiful place a couple hours' drive from here, along the coast. Bit of a touristy place, but very nice. The water spits up along the cliff's edge and that's why it's called the Water Spout (La Bufadora). Very cool, and also a very great place for shopping. I managed to do some AMAZING bartering and got some fun things to take home with me. :)
Then came the drive home. That took almost as long as we spent there! We were looked at supiciously by a number of Mexican Army guards at a check point along the way (that line was about a 2 hour wait in itself) as though we were a van full of sketchy traffickers. After that mess, we finally got home, had some dinner and then (you guessed it!) played more Euchre! ;)
Now I'm sitting in a quiet room, tapping on the computer, and contemplating the busy day I have in store for me tomorrow. Up early to get some houses built!
I miss you all and wish you the best for everything! Talk soon, Meig.

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