Vacation? WHAT VACATION!?!?

As you all know, I did not sign up for this trip to drink margaritas on a beach under an umbrella with a cute cabana boy. I signed up for this trip to work. And boy, am I working! Today we dug trenches and leveled land for the foundation of a house. A HOUSE! Incredible. It's amazing to think that with all our hands together, we will be giving the gift of a home to this woman, her husband, and children. They will have freedom, space of their own, and unthinkable opportunities. I am in awe of this. Really.

In order to do the work, we set up a line that started with the digging and ended with the dumping. In the middle were people moving the buckets down the side of the hill.

We made serious progress on the house, dug lots on the trenches, and will be digging more tomorrow.

After half a day of digging, we stopped for lunch. Lunch was very tasty papas (potatoes with cheese, onions and spices), rice, refried beans, and tortillas. Yum!! Then we got back to work and did some more digging.

At the end of the day we drove the bumpy roads back to the Posada and had dinner, 'library time' (we all sit around and read our books), then hung out around an outside fire and attempted to make smores. Yay!

Soon it will be more library time and then bedtime because we're up early for breakfast and more hard work tomorrow morning.

Miss you all, Meig

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  1. Anonymous16/2/10 13:11

    We miss you too! Thank you for keeping us aware of what you are all accomplishing there in the name of Jesus Christ! You ARE the Gospel in that community! YAY!! - momma<><