Throwing pillows!

When I moved into my house I decided I wanted red couches. Eventually, I was able to afford them and have loved them ever since. The downside to such bright furniture is that it's difficult to 'match' accessories. So I said to heck with it: I'm going to make pillows that I like and that look cute and they will all go together. :)

I got the awesome idea to make a pillow from a button-down dress shirt from Lemon Tree Creations. So I made one of those:

It was the first pillow, well let's be honest - the first THING, I ever sewed completely on my own (Brandi was upstairs putting JJ to sleep, so technically...I was alone!). It turned out pretty great! Only problem was that I didn't really measure anything so I vowed to measure the next one.

If you know me in real life, you know that I'm a HUGE Cleveland Browns fan. I'm a big sports fan, and love the Indians, Browns, Cavs, Bears, Cubbies, and the Blackhawks. I can't get enough of Cleveland and Chicago sports! So I found an old Tim Couch jersey at the thrift store for $3 (and it was half off Wednesday so I actually got it for $1.50!) and couldn't pass it up. I liked Tim Couch, but he's not one of my favorites, and the last thing I need is another jersey (I have acquired a couple of them in the last few years...including my favorite QB - Vinny Testaverde), so I wanted to make something out of it...so why not a pillow?! I can show off my Browns pride AND be crafty at the same time! WIN!

I decided that since I had some spare parts (aka sleeves), I would make a pocket/pouch so that I could put my remote (or some snacks) in there! I'm pretty excited about it and absolutely love it! I plan on making more and will likely do a tutorial on them, but I'm still not so great at sewing so I don't want you all to see my crooked lines. :)

PS: If you caught the pun in here, kudos to you! I love your sense of humor!!

Happy Crafting!!


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