Other assorted projects

Lately, I've been rather busy making things and practicing my sewing skills. Here are a few projects that were recently completed:

First: I decided to try my hand at creating coffee sleeves -- thought this owl print was pretty darned cute so I used it and some fused grocery bags and created this guy. He's now at home with my Mom because I thought it was a perfect addition to her purse and since it was my first one it was far from perfect. (But my Mom said it was - maybe because she's my Mom and is supposed to say that? lol)

Second: I found this cute skirt at the thrift store, and as it was a size 0 (or some other obscenely small size that wouldn't fit my ankle, let alone my waist), I decided to make something else out of it. So I sewed the bottom closed and used a tie for a strap -- skirt purse! :)

Third: I needed curtains for my dining room. If you've ever tried to watch TV at my house in the early evening, you will agree - the light shines right in on the TV and creates this reflective glare that attacks your eyes with such vigor you have no choice but to shield your eyes or lose them to the laser beams being cast off the screen. All that aside, I wanted to create curtains that were simple, but that also would go with the red walls of my dining room (my brother's ex-wife decided to paint it red and I've just not re-painted yet). I found this shower curtain at Target and decided to take advantage of the 72"x72" piece of fabric for $11! I used the button holes at the top to attach it to the rod and voila! Curtains! No more laser beams from the TV screen!

Fourth (and final for this post): I am always reading something. I don't purchase a purse unless it has enough room to hold all my belongings and a book. But because I put my book in my bag with all my other things, it often gets roughed up. This frustrates me. Especially if the book is borrowed. I like to try and give it back in the same condition it was given to me. So I decided that all other projects were coming to a full-stop for this one. I created the Current Read Protective Sleeve. I think this might be something that I start making and market on Etsy, not sure yet - but I think it might be. Nevertheless, it's perfect for my immediate purpose and I absolutely love it. I used scraps of fabric I had lying around (if you saw the post from my niece's skirt you'll recognize the butterflies, the yellow is also from that skirt) and just whipped it up. This was also the first time I ever made a ruffle. So fun!! (The book pictured here is Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.)

I hope you all are enjoying the weather (it's really nice in Ohio right now) and are having a great April. I know I am.

Happy crafting!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the skirt purse. I would buy one. For reals.