Spring has arrived!!

Which means there is a new wreath adorning the back door to my house!! :) Not sure how much this one cost because I didn't personally purchase the goodies, but I do know that it was not expensive and probably cost around $7-$10 at the most.

Here are all the goodies I used to make my wreath...
(Gerbera Daisies are my favorite flower, so I try and put them on everything that is appropriate for them. :))
 Here it is fully constructed...
 And adorning Brandi's door (because that's where I made it - but it's on my door now!)...

I also made a wreath for one of my friends.  About once a season for the last year or two she's asked me to make her a wreath...of course I oblige - I *love* making them!! Here's her's below: 

Happy crafting!! :)

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