Mother's Day

I have lots of moms in my life. My mom, my sister is a mom, aunts, cousins, best friends...they tend to multiply. This year is my second year as a Godmother, too. :) I took my little JJ on a date to make something special for her mom (who also happens to be my crafty counterpart and best friend Brandi).

We headed over to All Fired Up in West Akron to paint a plate for mom for Mother's Day. :)
 Julie pretending to paint with a paintbrush and closed paint container (didn't want too much evidence getting home!!).
 Here she is with the finished product before we turned it in for firing.
 And here is the fired piece. Happy Mother's Day Brandi!! :)

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering what I did for MY mom on Mother's Day...well, I made her a super cute toter bag that matches mine. :) The pets got her a mug that says "I love my grandma" on it. Both my parents came up here for dinner and JJ, Brandi, the parents, and I had a great time playing and spending time with each other.

Happy crafting everyone!

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