Record breaking bowls. Literally...

I don't know where, but somewhere I saw this bowl made out of a record. It was genius to me. I wanted one. So I decided to make some, but I would have to go to the thrift store to get records and on my list of crafty things to do, that was low because I was having too much fun sewing shirt pillows/bags, etc. My dad made a comment about how he was going to take some of his old records up to the Goodwill and I said "WAIT! Do you mind if they're turned into art? Like, not usable as records anymore but usable as art and displayed lovingly in art appreciator's homes?" He agreed. So I acquired a number of vinyls that ranged from an OSU band recording to the History of Music in 4 million parts.

Brandi's MIL was chomping at the bit to babysit so we had her come over to hang out with JJ at their house while we played with toxic stuff at my house. We simply put them in the oven long enough so they got all melty (you balance them on a bowl first) and then pulled them out and shaped them. Either shape them with your hands (as pictured below) or put another bowl (bigger than the bottom bowl, of course) on top and it will cause it to shape that way. SO COOL!!!!

Brandi shaping a bowl:

 All the billions of bowls we made on my counter:

Happy crafting!!

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