My friend is finishing up his MA at The University of Akron (I still call it Akron University but am forever being corrected) and got a new laptop a couple months ago. He came over one day and was showing me some of the things that he had for his thesis and I noticed that his laptop was naked in his messenger bag. I didn't realize that just a couple days later I would find the perfect fabric to create a snug little home for his laptop inside his bag so that it wouldn't be naked any longer!!

Brandi and I were walking around Jo-Ann Fabrics and this AWESOME robots fabric LEAPT off the shelf and attacked me. It screamed "MAKE ME INTO A LAPTOP BAG FOR YOUR FRIEND!!" So, being the goody-two-shoes that I am, I obliged. I purchased the fabric and set forth finding a tutorial on how the heck I was going to make this stinking laptop bag. I found this awesome tutorial on Sew Mama Sew that was so detailed I couldn't make a mistake!! So, together with my fabric, my BFF, my brains (somewhat inadequate at maths, but oh well), and my BFF's sewing machine (because we did it on a Wednesday night at her house after the baby went to sleep), I set forth on an adventure to create: THE ROBOT LAPTOP BAG.

(Ignore the jammie pants below...)

I used snaps instead of velcro mainly because that was what I had on hand, but also because I like snaps/buttons better than velcro.

Needless to say: he *loved* it. I took a risk because I didn't have the *exact* measurements of his laptop. I just knew it was a 14" blah blah blah so I googled that and got some varying measurements and then took the median hoping it would work. Turns out, I'm not so bad at assuming things when it comes to crafts (assuming things when it comes to life is a whole nother story). It fit perfectly AND it fit in his bag perfectly. WINNING!!

I hope you all enjoy this project as much as I did. I was giddy with excitement when he stopped by to visit and I gave it to him. I could barely keep my feet on the ground I was doing the happy dance so much! I think this is the most difficult thing I've made, to date, but it's so awesome and I'm so glad he loves it! :)

Happy crafting!

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  1. Very cute!! You're going to have to show me how to use a sewing machine again when I get there. It's been forever since I made something with ours.
    Be there in 12 days!!!!!