Squeee!! It's a girl!! :)

My cousins are having a baby!! We've know this for a while, but I only recently finished making the baby stuff for them and sent it off so I couldn't write about what I made until they got it. We've been calling her BGW (Baby Girl Wolfe) because she won't be named until she's met (love them!!).

I wanted to make so many things for her but it was just impractical, expensive, or not something I felt capable of making, until the day Brandi and I found *the* fabric at Joann's. It was on the clearance rack (which is so sad because it's SOOOO cute!) and then was even marked 50% off of that so it was really affordable for my unemployed self, but moreso, it was *perfect*. It has little monkeys wearing pink tshirts and says 'Little Monkey' on it. I know, amazing, right? I bought a couple yards and decided I would make a tote bag (Momma friendly, of course), a diaper pouch, and a rattle. I grabbed two fat quarters that went well with the monkeys and was on my way to making some super cute stuff for BGW. :)

This is the rattle (got the pattern/instructions from a book called Pretty Little Presents):

Here is the diaper pouch (also from Pretty Little Presents):

Here's the tote (Meig and Brandi style) with lots of pockets (4 to be exact, and two have elastic in them for sturdiness/bottles/etc.):

Here's the whole super cute collection! :)

I'm so glad they loved everything and I can't wait to meet her!! She's going to be so loved and so lucky to have such great parents and our big loving family.

Happy crafting!!

PS: One of the awesome parts of this project is that the thread I used was from the collection of threads I inherited from my Grandma Heyburn who is also my cousin's grandma. I like to think there's a little bit of her in those presents. :)

UPDATE: Baby was born. :) She's perfect - and she has red hair!!! They named her Maryjane Theresa, and Mary Jane is the name of my grandma whose thread was used for the above. :)

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