DUDE! Cubbies pants!!

As many of you know, I love sports. Especially the ones where the boys wear tight pants. Baseball is one of these sports. I'm a diehard Cleveland, Ohio sports fan, but I am also a fan of Chicago and it's bear teams. I *love* the Cubs and the Bears. It's a disease; I take medicine daily.

Anywho, my Brandi and I decided we were going to go thrifting to get some tshirts to make THESE PANTS. I found the *best* tshirt ever. I should have taken before pics, but I was too excited. Sorry, kids. Nevertheless, this shirt says "CHICAGO home of the world's greatest baseball fans" on the front and has a giant Cubs logo on the back. It was also a 2xl which means they're gonna be a bit big on me and juuuuuust the way I like 'em. :)

So, here's the best pants ever created:

And bonus picture of the haircut. The layers lay so nicely and take the giant poofball away! WHEEE!!!

Happy crafting! :)

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