Pet Beds

As some of you know, when Raj came into my life last year he had a tough time sleeping on his own. He would sleep in my bed or Melissa's (my housemate at the time). When she moved out it was every night in my bed and I just couldn't take it. There was barely any room for me and I wasn't sleeping well. So I decided he needed his own bed. He didn't really agree with me at first:

Finally, he saw things my way and slept on his bed every pretty much every night. Even though he's 75lbs of love, he curls up in a tiny ball (see above), but I decided that his bed just wasn't the right size, or color. We found a blanket for $5 at the local Big Lots and I sewed it together on three sides (folded the other side...) and stuffed it with two $2.50 pillows from Target. Voila, $10 dog bed. Little did I know, he would *love* this darned bed and now he lays on it even when it's not sleepy time. Any time I go upstairs for anything he just lays down on it and hangs out until I am ready for downstairs again. Silly pup.

Now he won't sleep on the other one. He's such a turd. *sigh* Now for my master plan of Cleveland Browns-ing it up a bit more. Got the brown base, I just need to figure out what orange will decorate it. Maybe an orange border...or a bone...or...hmmm. Dunno. That's for another day. For today, he loves his bed. :) (Although last night when it was a stifling 8million 90 degrees in my house, he slept next to it on the hardwood floor. Thinking he might need a more summery bed for now...I will keep you updated!)

Nevertheless, I decided that it's time for Maxi to have a bed of her own and stop using random couch pillows for beds. She *loves* the fleece blankets and Joann's had this super cute cat print fleece on its remnants table which so happened to be 50% off. I scored it for about $1.50. With some creative sewing I made her a nice pillow-bed and shoved some yummy catnip in there to entice her to love it as much as Raj loves his bed. :)

Happy crafting!!

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