Yoga Mat Strap

I've always appreciated the art of Yoga and the lifestyle it encourages, but I've always been too high strung to accept it fully. Recently, I've gone back and tried again. I thoroughly enjoy it. I love the workout I get with some people and the meditation I get with others. It's a wonderful balance.

I have an amazing mat - it's just long enough for me (which is funny because I'm not that tall, but I had to get a long mat because all the other ones were too short!) and I love the color. It's just your basic foam mat, but it's been right there for me through a lot of thoughts, sighs, downward facing dogs, and child poses (oh, and the corpse pose - can't forget that one!!). I didn't get one of those fancy schmancy bags for it because I just didn't have the justification for the funding at the time, but I have never gotten around to solving its portability issue until now.

I've started doing pilates and yoga at the Nat during the week and my mat goes with me at least twice a week for those two classes. It's too bulky stuffed in my gym bag and I'm forever hitting things, people, doors, or other things in my way with it. I decided it was high time I solve that issue.

Check it:

I'm sure the fabric looks familiar to the avid reader (or my 6 year old niece!). I used what I had on hand, some elastic, made it ruffly, and VOILA! :) I think this might just be an addition to the soon-to-be-Etsy Store. Thoughts?

Happy crafting!

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