Cookies for the Mailman

Since I've been laid off (ending Monday!! YAY!), Raj has been able to greet the mailman every day. The mailman even started bringing Raj treats every day too (just one - for Raj - none of the other dogs on the route got one). They've become pretty good friends and I wanted to thank him for being so nice, so Raj and I baked him some cookies. :)

These heart ones are for me, but I thought they were pretty so I wanted to post a picture. :)

More of the mailman's cookies:

Raj being super helpful in the kitchen:

The only containers I had were christmas ones, so I fixed that with some Tacky Glue and fabric. YAY!

Finished container. Cute!!

Cookies. :)

Happy crafting! And don't forget to thank those who do things for you every day. Even though you don't realize it, you're being helped every day.


  1. I really want to be a mailman.

  2. also, I wish my mailman didnt suck, he doesnt realize I would hook him up with treats but I dont like my mail folded 5 times and shoved in my box, also dont like that he "accidentally" kicked over my flower pots.ok enough venting

  3. Yeah, your mailman is seriously missing out. He would be set if he was nice and didn't destroy your mail. Oh and your flower pots? Turd.

  4. Hi Meig - thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    Glad to hear I have a fellow Dyson lover ;)
    What a cute thing to do for your mailman. How thoughtful of you :)