Let go and let God; and Thomas the REALLY useful engine

Yes, I'm well aware that's a pretty polarizing title. Read on if you wish, if not - I won't be sad.

As many of you know, I've been unemployed for a while. I've gone on some interviews and while they've been great jobs that I'd be lucky to get, they're just not where I want to be. Finally, the job that I've needed has come through. I'll start on August 1, and they're going to pay me what I asked for. Best part? I get to be back working with two of my favorite attorneys EVER and I only have to work 35h a week! WOOHOO!

A couple months ago I reminded myself of a phrase my mom has been saying for YEARS: Let go and let God. Essentially she's reminding me to get out of my own damn way. Too often I forget that it's not my job to plan everything out and micromanage my life. I've gotta let things happen on their own. If you don't believe in God, then look at it as life moving along its natural path. I choose to believe there is a God, but I don't expect anyone to share in my belief.

I've said this phrase so much lately that I've been informed that I should start putting it on things and selling them so that other people can be reminded to get out of their own damn way. I find it comforting to know that when I stop demanding so much of myself and remember that it's not all up to me to plan every minute of my life, things will happen, and often those things are good. Since I've decided to let go and let God nothing but good has come my way. I plan on keeping up the tradition. (NB: when I say 'nothing but good', I don't mean bad things don't happen - they do, but the good outweigh the bad, and overall the things I need to happen, do and the things that I decide I need to happen but don't really need to happen - don't because they're just clutter.)

On a crafty note: I made a super cute pillow case for my nephew today! He *loves* Thomas and I scored on this kit at Wal-Mart in the clearance section. It came out really cute!!

Check it: