Menu Board!

I  love cooking. I especially love to cook wholesome meals as part of my new philosophy on life: try it once. So with my new job starting soon, I knew I would be getting busier than I already am and needed a way to keep myself on track to prevent the unfortunate demise of dinnertime to frozen meals and pasta. I saw a menu board on Etsy and liked it, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. So I made my own. :) Now I will be able to plan meals and go grocery shopping and have it all organized so that I can start to incorporate other ways of eating (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) into my diet with ease.

I used cardstock for the stencil and learned that is not the best medium to use. If I did this again I would use something that has adhesive on one side and isn't so porous. Possibly vinyl or some other kind of sticker. I wonder if Freezer Paper would work? Hmmmm. Nevertheless, my letters are a little messy, but that's ok - it reminds me that nothing is perfect.

Check it:

 The "Thing Two" button was what I used to make the circles around the letters. I have a pack of cardstock letters that I used for stencils, too.

 Here it is all taped up and ready to paint:

 And finished:

 With some sample recipes (first one is my faaaaaavorite dinner ever) and it's magnetic so I can attach the recipe/coupons to the board to assist in the cooking/purchasing process. Yay!

I can't wait to hang it (*ahem* Dad - bring some screws, please?) and get organized!

Happy Crafting!

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