We live and learn...

Well, tonight was a pretty big sewing fail. Not so much a "sewing" fail but more a "this doesn't really look right on my body-type" fail. I had the awesome idea to take fabric, attach it to phat elastic (aka 3" elastic) and then attach that to a tank top. It would look like some of the dresses that are in fashion right now. Brandi supported me 100% and wanted one too. So we finally got all the elements and set to work. After a bit of trial and error, her dress turned out AWESOME!

I finally managed to get the skirt done, fixed the tank and then put it all together and:

Yeah, so I'm sure you all can see the problem here. Because I'm a bit more *ahem* endowed, it seems that I have even larger *ahem* assets than usual. NOT COOL. I mean, I don't try to hide them, but I'm not trying to make them stand out like the Titanic or Mt. Everest.

So, we learned something tonight: big elastic at the empire makes Meig's boobage look 500 times bigger than it actually is. Duly noted. So...Brandi now gets to have TWO of these dresses because her body fits it better. ;) And I'll just go back to creating my polka-dot sheet dress and have a fantastic day!

Happy crafting!

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