Meig from A to Zed

I remember when the internet was new and these surveys went out all over the place. :) Well, found one at a couple blogs I follow so here it is. :)

A. age - 26

B. bed size - full

C. chore you hate - scrubbing the toilet

D. dogs - RAJ!

E. essential start to your day - COFFEE

F. favorite color - red!

G. gold or silver - silver, but gold looks better with my skin tone.

H. height - 5'5"

I. instruments you play - vocal chords, violin, and piano (although, I haven't played the last two in a while)

J. job title - Legal Assistant

K. kids - not yet!!

L. live - Akron, OH :)

M. maiden name - Heyburn

N. nicknames - Meig, Gigen, Gigs, Giggi, Meigs, and a secret one my parents use

O. overnight hospital stays - when I was an itty bitty baby

P. pet peeve - ignorance and misuse of the English language

Q. quote
- "Be yourself, that's all there is of you."

R. righty or lefty - righty

S. siblings - 2 older sibs. One of each.

T. time you wake up - 7:15am on weekdays

U. university attended - Mount Union College, Universidad de Puerto Rico, University of Brighton, Lorain County Community College, and The University of Akron (only 2 degrees though  BA from MUC and MA from UA - the rest were study abroad or random summer classes)

V. vegetables you dislike -WAX BEANS

W. what makes you run late - Raj when he won't go pee, or myself. I'm forever late. :(

X. x-rays you’ve had - teeth, ankle, and I think that's it.

Y. yummy food - piƱa colada from Rita's

Z. zoo animal favorite - MONKEYS! And the peacocks.

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