Photo Challenge Day 13

Today's photo challenge is: from a distance. (Thanks Sherry, now I have Bette Midler stuck in my head...)

This was shot on the way home from PA for the Leonard Family Reunion on my cell phone. Not too shabby for a cell phone picture.

Speaking of the reunion...it was AWESOME. As always. I love the family reunions because I get to see family I don't see often and spend quality time with them. It's nice to see how we all grow and change over the years. They're great people and I'm so glad they're part of my family. Dad and I went with Raj in tow (he was a HUGE hit with everyone!) and had a nice time chatting in the car on the way to and from, and seeing various family members.

Now, off to bed with me. Church in the morning!

Happy crafting!

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