Photo Challenge Day 18

Today's photo challenge is: in my bag.

The bag is made by me (you can get your own here), I always carry a book with me (in a Current Read Protective Sleeve), my wallet, poop bag dispenser for walks with the pup, headband (also made by me), sunglasses (love the aves!!), and Spock (a necessity for any bag...he's actually headed for my desk at work. lol).

Unrelated to the above: I've entered a giveaway over at Hannah Handmade! She's donating money to the winner's favorite charity!! If you haven't been reading, my favorite charity is charity: water. I've been in love with them for a few years now and have done lots of fundraising for them. Currently, we're preparing a line inspired by their work to sell and donate 100% of the profit to them! So go check out Hannah Handmade and charity: water!

Happy crafting!

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