Photo Challenge Day 23

Today's photo challenge is: sunset.

I love this picture. I'm pretty glad I was able to snag it. The sky looked sooooo gorgeous tonight! I am loving this cooler weather - makes for cuddling with the pets a lot more fun because we're not all sticky and hot! :)

Last night I was a busy busy bee! I finished one project, started another and finished it! I'm pretty proud of myself! I mentioned this last night, but in case you're new (and I hope I have new readers other than my family and close friends...lol), I finished a Current Read Protective Sleeve for my friend Josefina (you can see pics of it when she gets it), and then I made two leeeeeettle tineeeee mouses for a coworker and myself. They're wrist rests for our computer mice!! Check it:

We LOVE them! It was so nice today to not have to remember to keep my wrist up when using the mouse so my carpal tunnel syndrome doesn't get worse and/or act up. Next up: keyboard cat! No, not that one...this one! :) (PS: I was on the phone while taking those pictures. Yep - thank goodness for self-timers on cameras!!)

Finally, I discovered the coolest thing a while ago when I was cutting fabric for my friend Mary's pillow covers. I can use the leaf in my dining room table as a cutting guide!! Check this out:

How cool is that?! It's like I've got my own Jo-Ann's cutting table right here in my own house!! :)

Ok, I'm off to bed. I have shows to catch up on and I spent all evening with my girls (dinner with Momma and cookies/movie with Brandi and JJ). Hope you're all swell!

Happy crafting!


  1. Thanks for the comment!
    Your sunset is positively stunning :]

    I have not read The Mermaid Chair -- YET! It's definitely on my to-read list; it seems to have mixed reviews... Traveling With Pomegranates is really different, in a good way. It's sort of autobiographical by Sue and her daughter. I'm about halfway through and LOVE it so far!

  2. The mouse idea is super cute! And, awesome sunset photo!

  3. Thanks ladies!! :)

    I will definitely check out Traveling with Pomegranates.