Photo Challenge Day 28

Today's photo challenge was: daily routine.

This is my dog Raj giving me a hug. He gives me a hug every day (just after I snagged this he put one paw on each side of my head and laid his down in the crook of my neck - where it is in this picture). He paws at my arm until I move it so he can sneak in for a hug. Such a sweet pup. :) He also gave Aunt Brandi hugs later on in the day.

Make sure you check out Crafty Girl Squared tomorrow. We're debuting our new scheduled posts with the first ever Made it Monday!

Also, go on over to this website and check it out. A local family here in Akron is struggling to take care of their sweet baby girl. She's got a congenital heart disease and her family is currently in Michigan (while maintaining a home here in Akron) trying to save her life. Do what you can. Financial assistance and a multitude of prayers are needed.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. :)

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