Photo Challenge Day 3

Day three of the photo challenge is clouds. It's super rainy here today so there are a lot of clouds, but they're all grey and gross. I got some of them breaking a bit, but it's a crappy picture because it's a crappy kind of day. I left the photo raw because this is what I see when I look outside.

Completely unrelated, today I got a birthday email from PetsMart re: my cat Tigger. The one who died last October. :( I guess I need to update my profile so they don't send me those anymore. But now I miss my baby. I'm adding two pictures of him to this post because he was an awesome cat and the pictures I post below are a better representation of my photography abilities. Above is just crap on a platter.

Sweetest kitty on the planet. He's always missed. Now I'm off to find a hug and a beer.

Happy crafting!


  1. *hug* will give you a real one when I see you tomorrow