Photo Challenge Days 25 and 26

Sorry for neglecting my post yesterday, but I was down with a migraine so rough I couldn't even think straight! I did take the picture, though.

Photo Challenge Day 25: sunflare

This is from my back door. It was super cloudy yesterday so this was a 'quick! the sun is out!' picture, but I really love the cooler weather and rainy days.

Day 26: something old

When I inherited my Grandma H's sewing machine, I got the table and all its contents too. In the drawers were a number of jars containing buttons and other sorts of small things. Pop (my grandfather) was a very organized man, and he wrote, in his perfect penmanship, on the containers what their contents were. This is one of the containers he personalized. I'm sure that the 56 has some sort of significance (maybe there were 56 buttons? maybe he did this in 1956? I'm not sure.), but the fact that I have this bit of them is something special to me. I'm a pretty nostalgic and emotional gal so it makes me really happy to know I have these things to hold on to.

Unrelated: Crafty Girl Squared's blog has been updated with our antics for the evening! Check it out!!

Hope you all have a swell weekend. I have a good friend from Germany visiting tomorrow! Yay!! I haven't seen her in about 6 years. :( I can't wait to see her. She's such a good friend and I have such great memories of our time together.

Happy crafting!

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