I can't get nooooo...sa-tis-faction...

Writing Challenge Day 8:

A time when I felt most satisfied with my life. Hmm, that’s a tough one. I’m generally satisfied with my life at all times. I have worked diligently to get where I am and I am overall satisfied with my position in life. I can’t devise a specific date and time when I felt ‘ahhhh this is the life!’ but I also don’t really have much in the way of ‘ahhhh I’m screwed!’ either. Well, except for the 6mo of unemployment, but I was waiting for the job I have now to become available.

When I was getting my education, I didn’t really see much into the future. I had all these dreams of what my life would be, but I didn’t apply it realistically. Now that I’m living it, I have discovered that it’s important to strip away the expectations and just simply live and live simply. I wish I had millions and millions of dollars at my disposal (come on, who doesn’t?), but I don’t. I make do with what I have. Do I have to call for help sometimes? Yep. But those are just the facts of life.

I have a B.A., M.A., pets who love me, a great family, wonderful friends, a good job, and so much going for me. Am I satisfied? Yeah. Could it be better? Always. But I’m just gonna keep on living every day to the fullest and cherishing the moments I have with the people and pets around me.

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