Single, never married.

As if I'm not doing enough already, I've decided to do a writing challenge, too. HA! Well, here goes.

Day one: your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

I got a phone call last night for a survey related to politics. Being Meighen Heyburn, B.A., M.A. International Relations, I find it difficult to turn down surveys because I know how difficult it is to get people to take them and how important the data is. (Even though I hate quantitative research for myself, I recognize and respect its value for the world.) First question aside from 'are you a registered voter over 18' was 'what is your marital status?' I replied: single, never married. 

Yep. Single. Never married. That's ok. Honestly, when I do get married, I want it to be once. To one person. Forever. No take-backs. So I tend to be pretty picky with whom I spend my time. My family is super important to me so I spend a lot of time with them and it leaves little room in my life for dating. That's ok, though. Because I'm of the belief that if I let it go and don't try to control it, good things will happen. If I stay single forever, that's ok. If I get married and have lots of babies, that's ok too. 

One of the most influential people in my life is my Aunt Penny. She was the most amazing human being. She was also single, never married, and she loved it. We nieces and nephews were her kids. She had a great job, a church home, loads of friends, and lots going on in her life. She was happy with her status. She was one of those people who lit up the room when she walked into it. She could brighten anyone's day, and she gave of herself so fully that it was hard to ignore the light she had inside her.

I want to be like her. I want to be the person who friends go to when they need a hand, a shoulder to cry on, a smile, a hug, a laugh, and anything else they might need. I want to be the person who brings joy to every day. I want to be a positive person (which is difficult for me as I tend to be pretty pessimistic). I want to be a role model for the youth in my life. I want to be like Aunt Penny. In some ways I'd like to think I am. My 5 nephews, 2 nieces, and 1 goddaughter are my world. They've all got me wrapped around their little fingers and I would turn over the world for them. I know that's how Aunt Penny felt about us. 

So, to answer the question: how is single life? It's pretty great. I've got room to breathe and time to spare. I'm only 26, there's more than enough of my life ahead for marriage and kids. But if no marriage happens, I'm ok with the way things are. Or I might just foster/adopt some kids when I get a bit more settled financially. I struggle with being one of the last singletons in my group of friends sometimes, but it's ok because we all struggle with things and I know that my friends and family love me just the way I am.

Thank God for Aunt Penny and the love she shared with me. I'm so blessed that I had her in my life for 17 years. 

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  1. WOw! You sure know how to write! SO glad you are going to participate! Congrats on day one and writing up day two already!