Thirty Things

Here are 30 random things about me for today's post in the writing challenge. Some have explanation, some don't need it. If you really want to know, just ask. :)

1. My favorite animals are cows. I have no idea why, I just always loved them. To this day I love the combination of brown/white and black/white and their shape.

2. Despite my love of cows, I can't drink regular milk. I have to drink organic or soy milk. Regular milk makes me sicky.

3. I'm allergic to cats but cannot imagine my life without them.

4. I love nature, but I hate being in it for too long.

5. I once went camping in a blizzard. It's top 5 of my worst ideas ever.

6. I hate the sun but secretly (well, I guess it's not a secret anymore...) want to move to Puerto Rico.

7. I have friends in real life all over the globe. I wish I could just pack up and visit them one at a time. Starting in NZ and ending in AK. :)

8. I've lived in 3 countries and visited 8 (yes, Canada and Mexico count!).

9. I love my job, but I wish I could retire right now so I could read, sew, crochet, photograph, write, sing, and play all day long.

10. I underestimate my own abilities. I think it comes from a history of clumsiness and bloopers.

11. I have mystery bruises every day and I am not an alcoholic.

12. I'm a Browns, Bears, Indians, and Cubs fan. 

13. I hate not finishing books and often find myself reading 3-4 at a time.

14. I have ADHD. I do not take medication.

15. I have my father's memory. I can remember dates, events, historical facts, random facts, irrelevant facts, and numbers; but I cannot remember what I went downstairs for or what I went to get at the grocery store.

16. I have a serious obsession with books. I love to read. I love to own books. I like the idea of e-readers but I cannot get past the absence of the smell of the paper and ink, the methodical turning of pages, the feel of the paper, and the satisfaction I feel when I reach the back cover.

17. I live with pets. My pets are my best friends. They're always excited to see me and sad to see me go to work. They never let me down.

18. I have a blog and Etsy shop with one of my human best friends. It's called Crafty Girl Squared. You should visit. :)

19. I used to be the pickiest eater EVER. Now I will try (almost) anything once. Including radish leaf pesto (actually quite delicious - it tasted 'green' as my friend Stela said), tofu, and other various foods I'd never attempted before.

20. I miss my grandparents and aunt every day, but I know they're with me in my heart. 

21. I don't like 'contemporary worship' with drums and guitars and stuff. I'm such an old codger when it comes to worship. I'll participate, and it's nice every once in a while, but I much prefer the structure and an organ. :)

22. I hate folding laundry. I don't mind washing and drying it, but folding and putting away? Nah. There are always piles of laundry in my house because if I don't put it away, no one else does!

23. I love to cook but have not been able to figure out how to cook for one. 

24. I get startled easily. Very easily. Don't sneak up on me, ok?

25. I could buy a house with the amount of money I owe in student loan debt. Like a really nice house. Like 5br, 3 bath, extra large yard nice house.

26. I don't mind spiders, but I hate gnats.

27. I have pictures of the people and places I love all over my house. 

28. I have the best friends and family ever. I know everyone says that, but I really, actually do. They've got my back and I've got theirs.

29. My heart cries every time I see a new craft idea about using book pages for something. All those beautiful books in pieces makes me want to sob.

30. I don't like the color purple. (No, I don't mean the movie, I mean the actual color.)

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