Flying Cars and Rosie the Robot?

How you hope your future to be like.

That’s a pretty broad statement. I hope my future to be successful and bright, as most everyone does. I hope my future to be happy, full of love, laughter, smiles, and fun. I hope my future to be full of lessons to learn and things to experience.

In my near future I hope there is lots of sleep. But in the more distant future I hope there is lots of joy. If I get married, have kids, go back to school, own my own business, or keep being a legal assistant, I’m not sure – it’s for the future to decide, not me. Well, I suppose I make the decisions that lead to those kinds of lifestyles but I’m not pre-determining myself into any role.

However, all of that aside, I try to live in the here and now. I try to be as present as possible. Does that mean I don’t rock out to 80s music at work all day? No (because I totally do), it just means that I try not to sit and daydream my life away. Do I wish I had a little less debt and a lot more time? Yes, but do I wish I had a different life than I do right now? Nope. All the decisions I’ve made in my almost 27 years have brought me to where I am today and I’m proud of what I’ve built.

I have three wonderful pets. I have a great family and network of friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything. And I have Spotify to give me endless supply of 80s hits. J

Maybe I will live here again in my future:

So, how do you live in the present and plan for your future?

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