I'm makin' a tote!

Hi! Did you miss me? I'm sure you did.

Sorry I was away for so long. I had lots of things to do. One of them was getting ready for a craft show, and many more of them were trying to keep my house clean and get other projects completed.

I've decided that even though I still have a few things to make for other people, I am going to make something for myself. This something is a sweet scallops tote in the sew along at See Kate Sew.

I love Kate and everything about her blog/shop/space. She's such an awesome lady. Her patterns are so easy to follow, and her sewing tips on her site have been MORE than helpful on MORE than one occasion. She's also very accessible inasmuch as if you need help with something, shoot her an email and I guarantee she will get back to you as soon as she can because she cares. She's a really nice lady.

I own one of her smashed ruffle clutches and I looooove it.

I also was a pattern tester for her owls. So cute! So easy! Go buy the pattern. You won't regret it. :)

I also have the pattern (and the rights to sell) for her pleated camera strap cover. As soon as I find some spare minutes, you can bet those babies will be up in the shop and on our display table at the craft show.

So, go check out her awesomeness and feel free to keep checking back here for updates on my sweet scallops tote. I'll be sure and keep you posted. :)

I suppose this turned into a 'Kate is awesomeness, I love her and so should you' post, but eh, who cares. That's the truth.

Hi Kate! :)

xoxo Meig

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