Rockabye, My Meighen Mine...

My earliest memory...

That's another toughie. I have a notoriously bad memory. I can remember all kinds of random useless pieces of information, but when it comes to a lot of important things, I seem to forget way too easily.

One of my earliest memories that I recall is my mother singing to me at bedtime. I used to make her sing the same 3 lullabies over and over again. When it was Dad's turn, he always changed the words. I tried to get her to sing Dad's versions, but she said she didn't know them. Yeah, right. ;)

My favorite ones that my mom sang were: Nina Nonna, Over in Killarney, and Rockabye. Nina Nonna is an Italian lullaby with very simple words (I'm not sure how the real words actually are, I just know how they sounded when she sang them - so feel free to comment the lyrics if you know them). Over in Killarney is an Irish lullaby she sang to me (I know that's not the actual name of the song, but I like calling it that better than 'Toora-Loora'). I love this one, and the The Irish Tenors released a recording of it and they did a great job, but no one tops my Momma. Last, but not least, Rockabye is one that my mom wrote for her babies. The first line is: 'Rockabye my (insert child's name here) mine, rockabye the stars do shine, rockabye and close your eyes, it's time for lullabies.'

So, all of that back story for this: I remember my mother singing lullabies to me. She sometimes got roped into 2 or 3 rounds of them, but she never complained. I always felt like it was our time. I felt closest to her when it was bedtime, especially if I knew she had to go somewhere after I was asleep (my sister is 10 years older than me and when I was little she was very involved in Job's Daughters so often, she and my mom had to leave to go to some Job's function after I went to sleep). If I stayed with my grandparents, her mom would sing me different ones that I loved just as much, and my dad's mom would read me stories, check for spiders, and tuck me in. But at home, that was our time. If it was Dad's turn, it was our time but he was always silly. Making up words to the songs and telling me silly stories about Raisin the Rabbit (which I still say he needs to turn into books because they were great stories!!).

I have good parents. I was not an easy child. I was (still am...) stubborn, hard-nosed, defiant, absent-minded, ADHD (unmedicated - still), persistent, and overly sensitive (still am). But my parents loved me for who I was and did their best. Did they get angry with me? Yeah. Did they get frustrated with me? Yeah. But did I ever doubt their love for me? No. Never.

My parents were as patient as they could be and I think I turned out ok. I love my family first and foremost. I do what I can to take care of the rest of the world. I have a giving heart and a loving spirit. I work hard and I try to fly right. I'm grateful to my parents for their lessons.

I'm also grateful to my Momma for teaching me those lullabies. I sing them to 'my babies'. The kids I babysit and my nieces, nephews, and goddaughter all have been graced with these lullabies. One of the girls I've been watching for 4 or 5 years now says 'I miss Meig and her yuyabies'. Yeah, that's pretty sweet, huh?

So, what's your earliest or fondest memory?

xo Meig

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