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I know I’m skipping a few days here, but there are just some things that aren’t meant to be discussed and/or inapplicable. I don’t have my iPod anymore (I loaned it to a friend) so I use Spotify or Pandora to listen to music at work and when I’m in the car I usually listen to NPR or the local country/top 40s stations. Being a musician, I have a broad appreciation for all kinds of music and tend to have it going at all times because I love having that aural stimulation. Quite frankly, I’m sure none of you care about what I do all day long (get up, get dressed, take dog out, go to work, go home, take dog out, participate in evening plans, go to bed, repeat ad nauseum…) so I’m not going to bullet my day for you.

WOW. Where to start?! I want to visit everywhere. No joke. I wish I didn’t have a mortgage-worth of student loan debt so I could just pack up the dog and go all over the place checking things out. I love travelling and I miss living out of a suitcase.

Seriously though, some of the places I’d love to live would be back in the UK, Germany (hi Katja!! I miss you!), California (probably would prefer NorCal, but SoCal is where my family is), Indianapolis (I *love* that city so much and not just because I have friends and family there), Chicago (one of my FAVORITE places EVER – plus I’m a Cubs/Bears fan so it would be awesome), or New England somewhere (I like cwoffee and wadda a lot). Yeah, that’s a long list. Sorry, kids.

I suppose I can chitty chat about each one a bit. If you’ve hung in this long, maybe I can keep you a little longer?

The UK:

I lived in Brighton, England for 3 months when I was in college. That was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. I really stepped out of my shell when I lived there. I could ride anywhere on public transport (loved it!) and experienced so many things. I would take the chance to move back in a heartbeat and honestly, I’d be a bar maid if I had to just so I could stay!


Nope, I don’t speak German, but I do have a dear friend who does!! I visited Munich twice during my stint in the UK and I loved it both times I went. I managed to master the public transport and even figured out how to purchase many things while there (including a dirndl dress and lederhosen for my niece/nephews). I think I’d be able to pick up German if I took some classes and was immersed in the language by living there. It would definitely be an adventure!


Yes, I hate sand. I hate the sun (well, I don’t hate it, I just burn waaaay too easily so I steer clear of it). I am not the top candidate for Cali weather, but 7 people I love so very dearly live there. 6 of them are related to me and 1 is one of the greatest friends a girl could ask for. I miss my Cali family so much. I wish this country wasn’t so daggone big so I could see them more. Which reminds me of how funny I think it is when others in smaller countries comment on how we have everything ‘super-sized’ here in the US…um…we ARE super-sized! Our country is HUGE compared to yours. lol (Photo is Crystal Cove State Park.)


I travel there a lot. Like 3-4 times a year a lot. My friends from Indy come visit me, too. But lots of the fun stuff that goes on there is what brings me to visit them more often than not. Yeah, the drive sucks by yourself, but now I take Raj with me (he gets to play with his girlfriend Daisy…heh heh) so I’m not so lonely on the drive over. I love everything about that city though (well, besides the sports – I’m still a Cleveland sports girl, no changing that!). So many good restaurants, neighborhoods, sights, sounds, and events. There is such a diverse culture there. I enjoy going out with my friends/family just as much as sitting on their front porch and neighborhood watching. Honestly, I’d be able to make myself very happy in a big old house in Indy. Maybe. ;)


Ahhh. The Windy City. Yep. I love that place. It’s one of my favorite places on earth. Since I’m a Cubs/Bears fan too (had to find another football team when the Browns were stolen…and my Aunt [God rest her sweet, sweet soul] was the inspiration for my love of the Cubbies), I love Chicago. I love everything about that city. Its size, its culture, its diversity, its history, its architecture, its everything. I just plain love Chicago. I love taking the train from my cousins’ house into the city and just wandering around aimlessly and exploring parts I’ve never seen before. I love that every time I visit I discover something new to love. So many museums and sights to see. Yep, I could spend my whole life there.

New England:
I have this fantasy that I love seafood (besides fish-fish because I actually *do* like real fish, just not other kinds of seafood) and that I would love to wander down the wharfs in my wellies and slicker on a cool New England morning, scone and coffee in hand, and going to meet Mr. Right…oh sorry, I forgot you all were reading this. I started daydreaming there. Forgive me? Back to the task at hand…I have always had a fascination with New England and the weather. I love the misty weather it’s so famous for and really could sit on my front porch with a scone and a coffee and be a happy camper. Will that ever happen? Eh, who knows. J

So, where are some places you’d love to visit or live? Share, please!!

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