YF Halloween 2011

Every year the Youth Fellowship (YF) kids host a Halloween party for the younger children in the congregation. It's a lot of fun and since I sit on the Youth Committee, I get to help out every year! This year there was a Tent of Horrors, lots of games, fires in the fireplaces, food, and lots of fun.

We have the party at the Octagon Shelter in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It's a beautiful setting for the party and a great place to run around and have fun.

Here are some pictures from the party:

Beth setting up the Tent of Horrors

YF boys hanging streamers

Mr. Bill!

Mr. Read starting a fire in one of the fireplaces at the shelter

YF kids and Pastor Steve setting up one of the inside games

Mr. Read and his helpers getting the grill going for the hot dogs

Mr. Read and Little Red Riding Hood (who referred to me as Big Little Red Riding Hood)

Some of the girls all decked out in their costumes.

Pumpkins and fireplaces...what more could you need?

We loved this picture of the fire because if you look on the left you can see a phoenix-like shape. We had lots of fun taking pictures of the fire and seeing what shapes were in the pictures.

Kids guessing how many ghoulish goodies are in each container.

Zombie ballerina (who will soon be leaving us to go dance in Russia!).

The Indian Princess in her element.

Hot dogs roasting on an open fire. Oh...wait, it's chestnuts, right? :)

Kids in costumes having some dinner and decorating their treat bags.

More treat bag decorators.

This girl steals my heart. I love it when she gives me big squeezy hugs. :)

Sack race - some little guys needed a little help from the bigger guys. :) Teamwork, loving one another, and working together are the lessons we learn here.

The line of kids waiting their turn.

Raggedy Ann hopping along.

More teamwork. :)

P. Steve showing off his sack hopping skills.

Not sure what was going on here, but this group of sweeties was captivated and I couldn't help but snag a shot.

Lonely Island game.

Find the prize in the whipped cream!

Whipped cream faces!

The best one of them all.  Howard is such a good sport. And the sheer joy on his grandson's face is priceless.

So, there you have it. A few shots from our super fun Halloween Party. If you were there - thanks for sharing your day with us! It was a wonderful time of fun, fellowship, and joy.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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